Serie A Thread

Are Milan playing Liverpool during the week ?

Milan acting very smart. Building a very good side.

Will be in for the serie A title soon.


It’s why I don’t buy into the Gazidis hate. He’s done a superb job at Milan so far and proven that he is happy to keep his hands off the football decisions so long as the decisions being made are in line with the clubs long term goals.

Milan want to be smarter in the market and sign players that other Serie A clubs wouldn’t usually chase. They want to stick to their stringent wage structure and find ways to increase revenues and to build a new stadium to aid increases in revenues.

Look at the club, some insanely good young players they just need a little more experience across the pitch.

I’m a big fan of how well Gazidis has done at Milan despite all the early hatred he had to endure. His reputation at Arsenal is negative but the reality is we never got to see how a Gazidis led Arsenal would really look.

You feel if Gazidis stayed, then Mislintat would never have left. Milan are extremely anti-agent led transfer approach and very much into the modern stat based approach to recruitment. It’s what allowed them to so effectively replace Donnarumma and also sign talent like Adli


I may have to re-evaluate Gazidis as well

Maybe our club is just cursed.

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WOBs always knew this was fabricated nonsense. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So the problem was Wenger all along :thinking:


Yeah, Gazidis learned how to properly run a club after getting work experience ruining our club.

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Tbh, Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez, and Lacazette (ffs) are evidence he was still a bald cunt.

I think it’s more Gazidis realising he knows fuck all and letting Maldini run things while he enjoys the Milan coffee and fashion.

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Don’t Milan have a team of data analysts that help with the targeting of players, that is not too dissimilar to StatsDNA?

90 mill on Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez is enough for me to hate him.


Inter Milan win 6-1, despite losing a world class striker and world class RB they may still well win the Scudetto this season IMO.

It is entirely possible to fuck up at one job and be better at another. [Speaking from experience here.]

Football fans are so weird. In our head, people never change, improve or detoriate.
Look at Tuchel, Promising Manager to Out of depth manager to not good enough and now back to being the best.

it is entirely possible for Gazidis to have been inadequate during his Arsenal tenure and with Milan, he worked on those experiences and improved on it. I have been there and I have only improved over the years by removing myself from the place where I was not able to contribute as much as I should have & not have the burden of my mistakes weighing me down.


The nightmare start continues for Alegri, winless in 4 games with 2/12 points.


This was a lovely goal. And the fact that it was the winner against Mourinho’s side is the icing on the cake.


I still can’t believe they allowed this footballing terrorist to run a club like Roma.

Rodrigo Taddei didn’t die for this.

The football Roma have played under him so far has been really good at times. I know Jose has a sketchy reputation but his teams are capable of playing impressive stuff when in full flow.


It’s definitely been exciting even if it’s not always super watchable.

Tammy Abraham has looked good so far. I also think a guy like Mancini will really benefit from playing under Jose.

A little miffed that Reynolds, the USA international, apparently had loan offers but Jose told him to stay and has kept him on ice so far.

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I’d guess the other two are Dennis Law and Joe Jordan.