Serie A Thread

Does anyone really think that? The skinny on him from most USA fans is that he’s a good player who can occasionally be great.

He’s probably more useful to Juventus than a guy like Ramsey based purely on availability.

:clap::clap: other clubs should borrow the idea.


I only heard of him a few days ago but all’s I know is he’s no Freddy Adu.

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Maybe if we drive Xhaka to the woods and leave him there Roma will come and rescue him.


Slow start to the season for Juve……

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Did Juve just get Brentford’d yesterday? Ouch.

This guy sounds like a massive clown.

Go on Mikel, get on the blower. You know you want to.

He’s still more mobile than Xhaka. Would start him vs Norwich.


Szczesny has regressed or is it just occassional fuckups?

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Really bad start to the season for Juve. 1 point from 3 games just isn’t good enough.

Koulibaly is something else though. And that’s 9 points from 9 for Napoli. I know it’s early days, but…

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Regressed… had a stinker before the break too

Making really basic errors


Like smooth brain has fucked our players up, cervello liscio has fucked him up sadly.

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The Juve starting 11 looks average as fuck by Juve standards.

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Juventus in awful form, to be expected with a team like that as @Aussiegooner suggests.

No chiesa no party. He’s not been fully fit when he’s played either.

This is all set up for milan to scrape a win against high flying lazio, then get pummelled by the shittest juventus since Del Neri days.

I love seeing Juve run out with a trash lineup.

Serves them right for doing shit like signing Higuain the year after he scored 36 league goals for their main rivals.

Very Bayernesque. And as we all know; Fuck Bayern, forever and always.


Tonali dominating yet again, love a midfielder with his qualities.

Heard lazio fans are being mad racist today as well, which is fairly normal in Italian football now and probably won’t be punished.


So a regular day for the Lazio fans.


How’s Tomori doing for Milan?

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Hit the ground running, really good foil to kjaer and prefer him to romagnoli. Aerially a little lacking but his pace is electric and positioning pretty decent. Worth the money for sure.

@SpankyJoyJoy im only liking the first half of your comment, tonali has been our best player this season so far. Incredible transformation by him.