Serie A Thread

All that cheating, yet Chelsea have just now equalled or even surpassed Juventus’s European history



Nice silver lining that thanks


The best silver lining is that Champions League winner Giroud may be joining your team.

We need this guy.

Not necessarily even as manager. (Ideally as club overlord).

A guy that knows a thing or two about standards. (Maybe keep him away from transfer scouting tho.)

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A more than decent replacement for Conte.
Actually very excited to see him with a bigger budget and a bigger club. The right time for him to make the next step in his career.
Can’t wait to see Inter next season.

Whisper it quietly but Rabiot has been a baller for Juve this season and he looked brilliant for France too the other day.

If Juve handle the window well they might have a quick comeback.

He absolutely has not been a baller. He’s had some good games, some average games and some poor games. He’s very limited in what he can do and has so far proven himself to not be the talent he was predicted to be.

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I think that’s true for his first season. I think he has been great this season. Always stands out whenever I watch Juve. Granted, Juve’s midfield has been proper shite but seeing him play well in a very talented France definitely confirmed it for me that he has genuinely improved.

I think you’re an avid Serie A fan as well so let’s agree to disagree on this one.

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You said he’s been a baller this season and he hasn’t. He’s a sidewards passing merchant who dribbles forward sometimes and that makes him look like he’s doing more than he is.

He’s 26 years old now, he’s virtually never pushed on as a player what you see with him is really as good as you’re likely to get from him. Maybe Allegri might extract more from him but there’s nothing there that makes him indispensable.

He has been the best of a bad bunch and his season was solid all round but “baller” is just hyperbole.

That’s fair. I’ll temporarily demote him to being great. I’ll preserve the “baller” if he performs at the Euros as well. :grin:

Anyone gets it? :grin:


I think he’ll be a great fit at Lazio.

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Inter - Inzaghi
Juve - Allegri
Milan - Poli still?
Atalanta - Gasperini
Napoli - ??
Roma - Mourinho
Lazio - Sarri


I was literally typing the same post before I deleted it haha.

Shame about Conte leaving Inter, would have made things even more exciting.

Hopefully Napoli make a suitable appointment and ADL doesn’t fuck it up.


They hired Spaletti, slipped my mind.

Almost as many new coaches as the Bundesliga for next season.

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Oh yeah I forgot about that. Awfully underwhelming appointment.

I don’t follow Serie A like I used to be I must admit I’m tempted to next season based on the new appointments. The league definitely feels a bit fresher than La Liga too.

I stopped watching because of Juve’s dominance so I’m hoping Allegri doesn’t have it all his own way


It does have the potential to be an interesting season