Serie A Thread

Of course. He’s not going to Roma yet, he’s free until pre season.

Wow, did not expect that haha

It will actually be quite interesting to see how he gets on there. Certainly more of a challenge than his spell with Inter Milan but I feel that the Jo may suit him more than the Spurs one.

Can’t wait for Simon Jordan and Mourinho to chat shit about everyone. :sob:

Fonseca is so much better.

What a dumb club.


What they should have done: Extended Fonseca, and upgraded the squad, with better, and younger players.

If they’ve completely lost faith in Fonseca, then maybe go for someone like De Zerbi, if you want an Italian. If not, then Favre or Bosz. Would save them some money too, seeing as how they’re both currently without jobs.

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This is a big statement from Roma. Guarantee you they’re prepping to get in the Super League.

European football taking notice, everybody trying to get in now. Dortmund holding onto Haaland as well. :rofl:

Conte at Inter
Allegri back at Juve
Mourinho at Roma
Need to get Pioli to fuck off and bring Wenger in and PL Calcio is back.

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Wow. Didn’t see that one coming

Roma better get that compensation package ready for 2024 lol

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Imagine going from this:

to this:


ill give him his regular 2 seasons before his sacking in the 3rd

Tbh Porto and inter mourinho was exceptionally well-dressed.


Chelsea the first time around too.
Started dressing more casually at Real and then it became a common thing at Chelsea when he returned.

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So Jose is sacked December 2022 and gets paid out another 18 months.



Hope Milan get him

Milan beating Juve :eyes: Means Juve are back outside the top 4 as things stand.


Jfc what is Woj doing?

@Gio how’re you holding up?

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Should be 2-0. Woj deciding to save a penalty :roll_eyes:


Juve dead as fuck. Don’t look like scoring whatsoever