Serie A Thread

Inter got hit with injury troubles too.

Imagine sensi at full strength for example

they massively pale in comparison to what Milan have had to deal with this season honestly. Bennacer out 3 months (genuinely our best player and when fit with Kessie is up there with the best midfields in Europe). Would be like Barella out for Inter, but an even bigger miss than he is. Ibra was out a couple months all told, Lukaku has played nearly every game pretty much. Calhanoglu out a month and a half, Rebic, Calabria, Leao, Kjaer all been injured significant matches this season.

Inter have had it extremely easy when you look at Milan’s absences.

Look at that move from Chiesa.

Also, bonus post from 433 about the celebration:


Great move from chiesa, shame Milan couldn’t get him. Just end the league now please.


Inter would need to lose 4 of their last 9 games to lose the title at this stage. 10 wins in a row. Conte is a king.

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Chiesa best Juve player this year


Don’t care what anybody says about the quality of the Serie A, he arrived at a team that hasn’t come close to winning the title in a decade and he’s turned them into a machine. They’d have won the title last year if they didn’t lose their entire midfield for large portions of the season.

He arrived, had a clearly defined vision, gave every player a fair chance to adapt and him and Marotta are a dream team.

He has average players punching way above their weight.


Could say this for Milan this year.

But yeah conte is amazing at making a team be the most impressive sum of its subpar parts. Inter have some superstar players, but yeah, while they faltered in Europe, in Italy he squeezes everything from every player, can only commend it.

Wish he’d fix up in Europe though, such a blemish on his managerial record and prowess. Like Wenger.

Inter will be delighted either way, as you say they’ve been in no mans land as a club post-Mourinho. They’ll take a few titles.


I miss that 2010 inter team.

We could do with them today. They’d slap any team around these days.

Awful quality of football on show.


I hate the commentators who over pronounce every name. It’s stupid lol.

Good player but never fit, guys made of glass so he can’t be relied upon.

Zlatan verbal agreement for another season at Milan. Will be 40 in October.


Poor decision making from Milan. The guy is a statue who shouldn’t be playing for them even if he does score at a decent date (which has slowed down significantly since his purple patch)


Dunno @SRCJJ, I’ve heard he made a huge impact in the squad. Not sure if it’s just Mino PR plug though.


There’s only so long that’s relevant for before you need to start talking about on pitch contribution. He does nothing to progress Milan anymore. They need to invest in a striker and get his wages off the book.

The only benefit to tying him down is that Gigio might extend on his own deal since I imagine Mino is happy now.

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They need an entire new front three.

I don’t know, I think with a quality right winger and either a first team or Ibra backup, they’re good. Rebic is a great left winger for us with good chemistry with zlatan and Theo, and not only defends well but presses high incredibly effectively too.

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Zlatan, maybe Leao and Hauge when he was good were your best forwards.

Milan need better wingers and a striker to replace zlatan.

What’s the financial situation with Milan? Do they have the funds to bring in someone of quality this summer?