Serie A Thread

Juve up 2-0, Ronaldo with a brace and Ramsey has an assist.

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Chiesa and Bernardeschi wingbacks, Alex Sandro cb/midfielder


@BigWeng_4LYFE a smoother brain, pounder of even more dirt and and a forehead even bigger than Arteta.

I’ll take it though

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What’s wrong with Allegri back to Juve? It seems like it kinda makes sense at this point for both parties

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Bad points dropped for Juve.

Stubbornness I think. On both ends.

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At least whenever Juve play on ESPN they always mention Pirlo’s dissertation. It doesn’t seem like it’s all that useful in practice. :xhaka:

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Dropping praise every week for him now, but Big Rom has really turned into a proper machine. Never expected this kind of play for him

Inter are now seven points off, but Milan play tonight against Roma.


They have it wrapped up honestly. Like you say lukaku just on fire. Best player in the league right now.

Without him at inter, Milan could sleep walk to the title, that’s how crucial he is for them.

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Yup. Their whole system is either playing him in deep or him taking the ball from midfield and play Martinez in or find Hakimi on the right.

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@Gio big big game for your boys today vs Roma. I think they may have reached their peak under Pioli but where do they go from there? Bring back Max Allegri?

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I honestly don’t know. Get a right winger and a good backup for ibra. I’d love to get belotti. Torino are relegated. But Cairo is the Italian levy - doesn’t sell unless stupid amounts.

For the manager I have no idea. Pioli did rewlly well to steady the ship but he’s been objectively fucking atrocious the last few weeks. A lot of this is on him, but it’s also on him that we were at the top for so long.

I honestly don’t even know who is out there, that we could afford. I guess if pioli can get us champions league football he deserves to have a go at it, but I’d hate to waste ibra’s last year here, he has enough in him to be part of a title winning team.

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Should get Alexander Isak to replace Zlatan.

and give more minutes to Hauge

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Belotti backing up Ibra seems a little underwhelming for me. Good striker but you’d think if he was going to leave it’s not going to be for a backup role.

I wonder if a guy like Gallardo would take a swing at Milan. There are so many interesting players there.

Edit: Just saw Ibra’s quotes on “LeBron should stick to sports” on ESPN pregame. What a buffoon.

How krunic is in the Europa squad and not Hauge makes me sad. Unfortunately he lost some confidence and doesn’t try to attack players any more, he became a bit of a cul-de-sac where the ball would go into him then just come right back at you either by his pass, or him losing possession.

@Joshua well, if ibra retires next year then it’s a year alongside one of the best strikers of all time, so could improve his game (possibly) then take over when ibra leaves, though whether he wants to do that, yeah maybe doubtful.

I actually agree with ibra on this. Not for sportsmen in general, although that is what he said. However lebron should definitely stay out of shit when his moral compass is absolutely flawed, cunt wouldn’t criticise China cos $100m isn’t enough for him already. I’m sure nba bosses told him this is the way to be, but he could’ve grown a backbone. Instead he was a coward.

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I think the Milan summer should be;

Extend Gigi contract (and pay whatever Raiola is demanding) for 5 years.

Sign a striker (I like the Belotti shout. And the Isak shout is nice too). I also think signing Depay for free is a good idea because he has the versatility to occupy the left wing and the striker position.

Sign a right winger (if it were up to me, I’d probably pester Juventus for a season long loan for Douglas Costa and also see how Chelsea feel about releasing Ziyech).

As for manager… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Tbh we have rebic, leao and hauge for this, though yeah a player to play both roles would be useful.

Yeah gigio is of course crucial, raiola is being a cunt saying we can either have 2 years and a no buyout clause or longer but a low buy out clause. Two years is a joke, basically gives them all the power.

He’s a parasite and the fact gigio let’s him fuck us about like this says a lot about the keepers character. Pay him 9m (he’s currently on 5 I recall) and leave it there.

Maybe they should give Rangnick another call :stuck_out_tongue:

I do actually think that would be good for Italian football. Other teams would have to learn how to play against a side that’s extremely fast with the ball, and very aggressive without it.

Would obviously mean the end of Zlatan and many of the others who can’t run.

I can’t see that happening now though, even if I suspect that Gazidis still probably wants that to happen.


Jeez Belloti is 27?

I like the Isak shout better than that.

Gotta keep Gigi. Pay him the 9m. No way you get good value if you sell or replace him with a comparable keeper.

First ten minutes of this match have been insane.

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Yeah fuck knows why we wouldn’t pay, I think we will, but raiola won’t let us pay anything unless it’s either short contract or low release fee. Such a scummy man.

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