Serie A Thread

Yeah I spoke too soon :pensive:

This is exactly why I wanted to watch this match, though. The two highest scorers in the league. Always gonna be goals.


Giaaaaan Pieerro Gasperiniiii

Some great goals scored as well. Only chance for a non juve team to win it in such a long time and of course they blow it.

Arthur Melo is pretty good and younger than Pjanic I have no idea why Barcelona have signed off on this.

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Internazionale in ‘advanced talks’ to sign Achraf Hakimi. If only we had a competent director.


As ‘Conte’ a player as you can get. Can play on the left, the right, as a full back, wing back, winger…

I’m so happy for him. He’s one of the best young full backs plying his trade in Europe.

Apparently Inter are also close to Tonali. And to think there are people who still don’t rate the work of Marotta.


How getting the right football man in place can change a club around (really quickly too) and the right coach of course.


Conte is really a ‘Marotta-man’ he hired him too when he was at Juventus. You can really pinpoint one man, and I’m sure the Chinese millions helped a lot too, who changed the whole perspective for that club.


Do they still have the rights for Gabigol?

If they bring him back or sell him for another striker, then I think they’re in the money.

He’s sold in January. I hope Cavani signs for them on a free. Would like to see him under Conte.

Nice goal from Ribery to give Fiorentina the lead at Lazio @Phoebica


Counted for nothing in the end. Fiorentina are just coasting now at the moment though, anyway. Nothing much to play for. Not fussed about losing to Lazio, at least it keeps the title race going a little longer.

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Lazio come from behind to win at Torino to keep the pressure on, but Juve are easily disposing of Genoa.

Remember when that absolute dumbfuck Patriaci wanted to sell Dybala to Tottenham of all clubs?

I get it though. Dybala as striker isn’t ideal and I don’t think he’s a good winger either. Maybe with Arthur and Kulusevski he might be better.

Put in class performances v Roma and Lecce then as always SPAL just do us in. Shocking on both goals.

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Inter get Hakimi for 40m€ + 5m€ in addons, excellent deal for them.

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That’s a superb deal for them.

De Rossi set to become Fiorentona’s coach, didn’t even know he was planning on being one.

He doesn’t even have his badges lol. Fiorentina are a mess