Serie A Thread

One for the history for the young kid.


That was an amazing save. Donnaruna is surely the best goalie in Italy after Buffon.
Napoli losing 1-0 against Pescara, but it could have been more for Oddo’s team.
2-0 Pescara! Napoli are really missing Higuain.
2-1 Mertens. Great curling shot! Game on!
2-2! Mertens again! Crazy game!
It’s gonna be a long season for Inter again, as they lost 2-0 to Chievo. Berardi scored again in Sassuolo’s win vs. Palermo.


Hope Romagnoli stays, and grows into a colossus at Milan.


Juventus beat Lazio 1-0 thanks to another Khedira’s goal. Would have loved him here. Meanwhile, Napoli are beating Milan 2-0. Milik’s brace.

Meanwhile, it’s 2-2 :smile:

Update: Napoli just scored. 3-2

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4-2 final score. Milan had a real meltdown. They need investment immediately.

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Milan did well to come back into the game, then they lost the plot.

Yeah. There are still so many gaps in the team. They need new defenders, new midfielders and more experience in certain areas of the pitch.

Montella is a good coach so I anticipate a top 5 finish for Milan this season.

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Inter have signed Gabigol and Joao Mario though to add to Candreva too. So that is a nice summer for them.

Only Candreva is reliable, tbf. The other two are a big question mark.

Nah mate. Candreva is a proper overrated Inter buy. It’s no coincedence he ended up with them and not Juventus. Garbage buys of which they did a lot of the past 10 years (except the 09/10 team).

Candreva is not WC, but he is a good and reliable buy for Inter.

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I agree, He’s an Italian international. He would have been a good buy for us too. He’s very good on the flanks and more reliable than what we’ve got.

So, Candreva with an assist after only 2 mins when he came on in the 68 min.

Can’t see de Boer lasting until the new year. He just doesn’t know our football.

Yeah, De Boer doesn’t understand how Italian football works. I don’t think it’ll work if I’m honest.

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Roma just gave away a 2-0 lead to Cagliari

2-2 FT

Roma really are “the italian Arsenal”.
Meanwhile, 4 teams top the table: Genua, Sassuolo, Juventus and Sampdoria. Berardi scores again.

AS Roma are a club without balance, starting with the board and finishing with the players.

They’re specialized to waste money and talent. If Inter will not back in business very soon, Juventus will win the title for the rest of the time who we will be alive.

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Juventus with their third win in 3 games. Higuain is getting his grip on the team. He scored 2 yesterday, so with the goal against Fiorentina, his goal tally is now 3 in 3. But Napoli keep it up. Only two points behind and they have the best attack in the league: 9 goals in 3 games.