Serie A Thread

Atalanta equalise

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This better not be the first step to the dopers their next title. They are so shit, yet keep winning.

Did Demiral suffer a bad injury tonight?

Yeah, on first appearances it looks to be season ending.

Zaniolo for Roma, too. He ruptured the ACL. Big blow for Italy if he’s out of Euro 2020.

Oh fuck he scored as well!

Good for De Ligt.


Higuain is so lucky that Dybala exists. That was all about Dybala. And to think last season people were doubting him. He has returned to a £100m signing this season.

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Oh look a BT sports tweet I can’t see. Fuck you BT ya cunts!


All you need to know is that Dybala is hot

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Your judgement has been called into question lately.

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You could call her judgment Dybala-cal.




Sorry man :pensive:

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Just smile and laugh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Milan sending Ricardo Rodriguez to Turkey for a loan with a €5m obligation to buy.

€5m :joy::joy: thats a Gazidis special if I’ve ever seen one.


Hmm, Dybala and Higuain balling without PR7? :pires2:

a third of what they bought him with, with the inflation since as well.

Theo Hernandez, who is actually alright, will probably be sole for maybe £10m smh

Represents a loss on the books too which is the last thing Milan need lol

Lazio a dark horse for the Scudetto? Unreal form at the moment. Immobile :fire: 23 goals in 19 games for him.


Just a reminder that Neil Lennon’s Celtic did them home and away.

I don’t want to hear any Scottish League slander any more. Or at least, it must be accompanied by Serie A slander.

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Or maybe Lazio threw the game? They can’t be fucked with European football, they have a league title to win (a proper one, not a farmer’s one)