Serie A Thread

Still one of the best in the world. He was a monster last season and far and away Juventus best defender.

I still rate him higher than Skirinar and Koulibaly.

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That Juventus squad for next season though…

GK: Woj, Buffon

FB: Cancelo, Sandro, De Sciglio, Pellegrini

CB: Chiellini, Bonucci, Rugani, De Ligt, Demiral (probable loan out), Romero (probable loan out)

MF: Rabiot, Ramsey, Pjanic, Matuidi, Can, Bentancur

FW: Bernadeschi, Costa, Cuadrado, Dybala

ST: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kean, Higuain (likely to be sold and replaced with Icardi)


Amazing, surely a CL candidate.

They will definitely own Serie A again haha.

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I don’t know. A lot of new players, a lot of old players, a new coach that comes with a new style. Inter have made decent recruits and now have one of the best coaches in the world. It might be time for a change at last.


I cant wait to see that squad dumped out of the CLro16 by Porto.


Very good team but if they don’t win the CL in the next two seasons it’s failure.

I want to see my boy Dybala leave though, it’s not going to work for him as things stand.

Bennacer named player of the tournament at AFCON just ahead of his big move to AC Milan… *sighs

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Elneny must be injured obviously


I’m disgusted, man. Just disgusted.

Its not even 40m up front which makes it worse. Its an initial 29m with add-ons which could potentially rise to 40m over this year. If we’re to be stupid and sacrifice this talent then at least get a good chunk out of him now so that we could invest it into a top quality player other than Icunti and lukaku.

Lol. Sell our most promising youngster but can’t rid ourselves of the deadwood. Ay yay yay. Dybala next.

Jesus i hate this move
Hopefully there is a buyback otherwise I’ll be pissed

The club doesn’t care about developing players, the club doesn’t care about homegrown players, the club doesn’t care about Italian players, and honestly the club doesn’t even care about trophies.

The only thing the club cares about is signing famous players and “building the brand”.

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Juventus are reminiscent of Bayern in a sense, many transfers in a row for years where you just go :face_with_raised_eyebrow: is that the move? But they’ve been successful so much you keep giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it stacks up. Talking about teams that can’t find their wide players properly btw.

Is that Juventuz?

Loool :arteta:

Wonder if that racism incident and Juves lack of support played a part.

How could it not play a role?

The club issued such a mealymouthed statement after the racism incident.

From a tactical standpoint Juventus are definitely all in for the next two-ish seasons on the CL but I can’t really see it happening for them. Sarri took a while to get going at Chelsea and he’s not exactly the easiest character to deal with. I don’t necessarily buy into the idea that good managers or coaches have to have won something in the past in order to be respected in the dressing room but he definitely cuts a very different figure from Conte or even Max Allegri.

Then there’s the issue with Sarri’s playing style. How many times did we hear Chelsea fans complain about Jorginho being favored in midfield and Sarri misusing Kante? Sure they’ve added a great young defender but Ronaldo is a year older, Ramsey never stays healthy and the CL really depends on the luck of the draw in knockout stages.

I hope they fail spectacularly.

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:yuck: :inter: Please leave. You’re a fraud and a horrible human being. Pushing a player out of a club without even consulting him to sign some fucking oaf and push your selfish agenda for that cancerous fetish of yours? Abysmal and unforgivable.

its funny recalling how much flak beppe got for being unable to move on mediocre players who were on high wages that he had mostly inherited from secco.

paratici has kean and dybala to sell, players with potential to be top talents of their generation, and he manages to net lukaku from selling them.

the absolute state of this :lol3:

i suppose parting ways with allegri was first indication that management were gonna go full retard

This is some next level shit

:arteta: :arteta: get fucked cheaters, Lega Nord FC taking Ls

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When you look at their transfer policy lol:

  • Spend £100m (and long term mega money contract) on CR7 who is approaching his mid 30s
  • Bring in injury prone (and not even elite) Ramsey on £400k a week
  • Actively pursue sale of Dybala, Kean and Cancelo whilst active seeking to buy either Icardi or Lukaku
  • Sell Spinazzola (who looked better than Sandro at times last season) and then spend €22m on the painfully average Pellegrini.

It’s all in pursuit of the CL but it’s just dysfunctional and a total contrast to the calculated decisions being made when Beppe and Paratici worked together.


Milan under Leonardo and Maldini would be primed and ready to retake their place at the top in Italy, if they hadn’t just gone and done us the biggest favour ever by taking the bald cunt.

Napoli must be loving this :arteta:

Some more :poldi: so sweet.

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Gazidis already stinking up the joint by doing things like trying to sign Correa for €50m and selling Cutrone for less than €20m.

The guy is a total disaster. Milan need a new CB, a new LB and better midfielders.


I’ll never take a forum for a club from Italy that isn’t in italian serious lol


You knew how it was gonna go when Leo got pissed off at him and left.

Poor Paolo gonna take the flak for the impending doom too :facepalm:

But do you reckon they have a better chance at UCL next year?

Maybe we can send them mustafi…who knows since gazidis seemingly rated him to stink up the place here and he stinks the place up there maybe they can stink the place up together