Serie A Thread

This is it basically. Elliot want resale value and some promising youngsters will do that according to Gazidis.

Maldini, Leo and Gattuso want some experienced good players as well, and want Milan to show more ambition but this is where Baldy says no so they now want to leave

But they’re bringing this guy @BigWeng_4LYFE races about so maybe it’s not all bad

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So CR7 finished the season with 15 non penalty goals in 31 games this season averaging the same amount of shots as he did at Real Madrid. Think he found the defences in Italy significantly tougher to deal with and break down.

Think all in all he’s had a good season but his arrival will prove to be a critical point in Juventus history. The imbalance that it creates isn’t going to be easy to address and I have no doubt in my mind that whoever they bring in will struggle to get the best out of players like Dybala and Bernadeschi.

Do you think Juve’s club value has improved since Ronaldo’s arrival?
If so, was it improved by a large margin?
If also true, then I think Juve did great business.
Regardless of missing out in the CL, there has been a desire to elevate the club, not just in terms of silverware, we saw that with the whole rebranding deal.
Mission accomplished I believe.

Btw, I like Bernardeschi as well and think he should get more game time. Always showing up when needed.
As for Dybala, he can’t use the Ronaldo excuse. Ronaldo is known to elevate the team. He’s that type of player. Paulo has been struggling since last season and his lack of game time in an aging Argentina raises a lot of questions to me. Could be that there are other issues with him.

CR7 has done tremendous in terms of the boost he brings Juventus financially and the exposure they gain from his signing. I just feel like it damages the clubs on field performances. I guess we’ll see under new management now they fare but he’ll be 35 next season and it almost seems a bit ridiculous to continue to rely so heavily on him.

With regards to Dybala, he deserves a lot of criticism I don’t dispute that but I also feel like the team have changed shape and unfortunately he’s suffered from it. When deployed as a second striker (in the same mould as Griezmann) he’s an elite player but he’s often been asked to perform unfamiliar roles unfortunately for him. His talent doesn’t seem to extend that far that he has the versatility to adjust to numerous roles.

On another note… nobody seems to be talking too heavily about the incredible job Gasperini has done at Atalanta. Taking them to 3rd place is an unbelievable achievement. He’s done this having sold a host of the clubs too young players over the course of his tenure.

Inter were stupid to ever sack him. They never gave him a chance. He had a similarly bad start at Atalanta and he’s absolute thrived given some time.


How true is this? It’d be quite ironic given the money they just handed Rambo!

Their outlay on transfers over the last 2 seasons is probably somewhere in the region of about €400m so they definitely need to recoup that cost from somewhere.

We haven’t be linked with him but what’s peoples thoughts on Bennacer of Empoli?

A Torrieira-Bennacer midfield. Lacks athleticism but the bite. Bennacer’s passing :sweat_drops:

Little fella feels undervalued. You seen much of him @SRCJJ?


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Another Wenger signing clearly making waves in world football. Lelelelele

I was thinking that name looked mighty familiar



“There are several clauses in my contract. So there is a possibility that I will go back to Arsenal. Everything will depend on my evolution.”

Bring him home!

He’s actually done well in Italy and looks a good talent. Having said that though I think his talent lies firmly within a mid table Serie A club.

Good thing Emery is turning us into a midtable La Liga club. It’s close enough to being a Serie A club … BRING HIM HOME! :arteta:

Paulo Fonseca appointed as Roma manager. This is another one of AC’s managerial suggestions to replace Wenger so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares. I’m not hugely familiar with his style but this is a big test for him. Roma are a tough club to manage because the expectations of the fans far outweigh the investment and actual situation at the club.

But after average/poor campaign’s from Sarri, Setien and Tuchel (and a non existent one from Arteta) it’ll be interesting to see how this season transpires for Fonseca.

By all accounts though Fonseca seems to come with a good reputation so hopefully Roma can build. The reality is they never should have sacked EDF who was unfortunate to manage a team that was continually being gutted. He got to the CL semis and then had Strottman, Nainggolan and Alisson sold in one summer. Monchi brought in in adequate replacements.


What the hell happened to El Sharaawy?

Nothing, he’s still shit

One season wonder for Milan

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Ramsey is going to be playing Sarri ball. That could be… interesting.

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