Serie A Thread


Still getting on Ringhio’s back? :wink:


Icardi stripped of the captaincy :eyes:


Spalletti needs to be sacked and Conte needs to be hired. The recruitment structure at the club has to change and they have to find ways to circumvent FFP.


Real Madrid bound? He isn’t even in the Inter squad for their Europa League match. Sounds like his wife/agent is a bit of a nightmare.


I hope not for their sake, they need better players than Icardi. They should get a like for like successor to Benzema if they want a 9, more like Firmino or w/e.


This is awful news. We may be deprived of the Wanda Derby if he moves to La Liga.


Only 1 goal in the last 9 games mainly due to the fact he is doubtful about his future.
Fair decision from Inter.



Madness. I’d much rather Dybala!!!


Yeah I would rather Dybala too. That would represent a poor transfer for Juventus especially because the Liverpool system is actually built to get the best out of Salah. I figure at Juventus we’d get the kind of performances he delivered at Roma. Still very good performances mind you. Just not €50m plus Dybala type performances.


as if dybala would go to liverpool :arteta:

I can see him going to RM with Hazard but to liverpool no way i just cannot see it.


Yep. Ship sailed on him. Would have loved him at Arsenal though.


Nobody is going to choose Liverpool over Real of course, but if Real weren’t in for him and nor were Barca or a couple other clubs, Liverpool could definitely attract him or a player of his quality. They’re going hard in the league this year (their CL campaign is still up in the air), they got to the CL final last season and play an eye catching brand of football.

They’re a very attractive prospect to big olayers because over this season and the last they’ve started to look like a serious outfit.


Juventus-Frosinone today.
Jade @Phoebica

Game over. 2-0 Bonucci.

2-0 Juventus at HT.
3-0 CR7.

3-0 Juventus FT.


Cagliari-Parma and especially Atalanta-Milan today. Gonna be a great game!

1-0 to us at HT. Played crap, still winning. Love it.
Cagliari equalize. Deserved in the end.

We have been officially exposed as a Serie B team who are struggling to gain points. 2-1 Cagliari FT.


I hope Atalanta v Milan is a good match. I have high expectations for it so it better not let me down. It’s the only football match i’ve been looking forward to this weekend. Want to see more of Piatek and Paqueta too, Milan seem to have nailed it with those two.


I want Atalanta to get 4th place, the few times I’ve watched them this season they’ve been exciting to watch.


beautiful goal that one. well done.


Atalanta score. Donnarumma lol!


that one was better :slight_smile: