Serie A Thread


I’m subscribed monthly but haven’t watched very much. When I do watch though I was enjoying Serie A more than I was La Liga.

There was absolutely no point having the token Eridivisie and Swedish games though.

Does that mean there’s no Serie A rights in the UK for anyone?


They’re going to Premier Sports from the end of Feb. Not sure how much that will cost though! Seems ridiculous having all these channels to watch the top leagues, never mind that the coverage is pretty awful across the board.

And like you I haven’t watched much, although when I do it’s really only been La Liga. Watching some of the goals/highlights on my phone before work has been pretty neat but not really worth the subscription fee just for that


Certainly not when Luca provides that for free :grin:


Fiorentina up against Roma in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals.

2-0 Fiorentina! Roma are fucking shit!

Roma pull one back. Golazo! Nice game.

3-1 Fiorentina!

3-1 Fiorentina at HT.

4-1 Fiorentina. Roma are absolutely terrible, just terrible.

5-1! Di Francesco is getting sacked soon, isn’t he? Chiesa’s hattrick @Phoebica

Dzeko off for spitting at the referee!

6-1. It’s a mayhem!


Need some results like that in the league!


7-1 FT.


dear lord Roma. the ups and downs in performances with that club nowadays, are they inspired by Inter? lol


Saw the score and had to double check it was actually Roma that was playing, not some Roma youth squad game or something.


Wow lol


Roma, the italian Arsenal.

Meanwhile, nice start by Atalanta against Juventus.
Juventus look terrible once again, but they are gonna win it for sure.
After Bonucci, even Chiellini gets injured. Not looking good for Juventus at the back.
Dybala is a shadow of himself. Allegri is playing him too far from the box.

2-0 Atalanta!

2-0 Atalanta at HT. Fully deserved. Juventus’s luck is running out.


Yes Atalanta! La Dea!!!


I’ll give baldy this one, he done good here. I know it’s only 1 game but Piatek looks good. Much better value than whatever they’d have got that fat bum for.


Good start to the second half from Juventus. They aren’t giving up.
Now Atalanta have settled down and are controlling the game well.
3-0! The evil empire has been finally defeated!



What a fucking day for football results if it stays this way :poldi: :giroud3: :giroud2:


YES! Gasperini is a wizard. What a wonderful work he is doing at Atalanta.


Big ask for Juve now if they want to win the domestic double, who knows though they may turn it around like Barcelona did vs Sevilla.


The Coppa Italia is a one way competition. No return leg.


My bad, didn’t it used to be 2 legged ?


Only from the semifinals.


Genoa seem to have a knack for decent strikers.