Serie A Thread


So Benatia is leaving Juventus to join a Qatari team. So disappointed he has so much to offer at the top level, he has at least two seasons of top European football left. Apparently he turned down a reasonable offer from United to join the Qatari club for slightly more money.

I was hoping he would be a fixture in the national team be help bring the best out of Aguerd but doesn’t look like that will happen.


That motherfucker. It’s so good to have a Serie A team to hate besides Lazio. I guess in some sense I should thank Ivan for giving me this opportunity to hate watch Milan for the foreseeable future.


Why do people go for a shithole like Qatar?


How on Earth is Qatar a shithole?


There are some beautiful buildings there but then again it does still have slavery. Maybe @Trion was using “shithole” in more of a metaphorical sense?


Why wouldn’t you consider any country as morally corrupt as Qatar as a shithole?
I would prefer human rights over pretty buildings.


Oh no, please don’t misunderstand. Qatar is a piece of shit country because it has slavery. I was just speculating you didn’t meant that the country itself was ugly or something like that but that the moral backbone of the country is terrible.



Sorry to be pedantic, but unless you’re referring to your toilet - the term shithole will always be a metaphor :ozil2:


Chest hair is a must if you wear v-neck t shirts. Accentuates the masculinity. Tancredi pulling it off incredibly well here, just all-around lovely stuff.


honestly though this Atalanta - Roma game is bonkers


Crazy game indeed!


Can’t fucking believe Parma lost a game they were leading 2-0 until 20 minutes to go and with the opponents doing jack shit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Arsenal would have been proud of this performance :bellend:

Sassuolo-Cagliari 3-0

1-0 Sassuolo

2-0 Sassuolo

3-0 Sassuolo

Sampdoria-Udinese 4-0

1-0 Sampdoria

2-0 Sampdoria

3-0 Sampdoria

4-0 Sampdoria

Milan-Napoli 0-0

Chievo-Fiorentina 3-4

1-0 Fiorentina

2-0 Fiorentina

2-1 Chievo

2-2 Chievo

3-2 Fiorentina

4-2 Fiorentina

4-3 Chievo

Atalanta-Roma 3-3

1-0 Roma

2-0 Roma

3-0 Roma

3-1 Atalanta

3-2 Atalanta

3-3 Atalanta

Parma-Spal 2-3

1-0 Parma

2-0 Parma

2-1 Spal

2-2 Spal

3-2 Spal

Torino-Inter 1-0

1-0 Torino

Bologna-Frosinone 0-4

1-0 Frosinone

2-0 Frosinone

3-0 Frosinone

4-0 Frosinone

Lazio-Juventus 1-2

1-0 Lazio

1-1 Juventus

2-1 Juventus


Empoli-Genoa today.
1-1 atm.

1-0 Genoa

1-1 Empoli

3-1 Genoa FT.

2-1 Genoa

3-1 Genoa


The Coppa Italia quarter-finals start today with Milan-Napoli (like in the league on saturday).
Piatek already with a brace!

1-0 Milan

2-0 Milan

Milan 2-0 up at HT. They seem to be on their way up atm.


I love Piontek already


Congratulations @Gio! You are through. I’d say it is a deserved win. Napoli were barely dangerous today.


Oh look Eleven sports has turned to shit and can’t afford their rights anymore. Is anyone surprised haha


Incredibly predictable lol


Lucky no one here was stupid enough to subscribe to that :man_shrugging:t3: