Serie A Thread


That Parma kit is proper iconic. Gotta say the eleven sports la liga commentary is considerably better than the serie a commentary…

El Shaarawy at the masters final :grin:


Nice game between Napoli and Lazio. Napoli have already hit the post twice.
Callejon! First goal for him in the league this season!

What a free kick from Milik! He doesn’t usually take them.

Napoli leading Lazio 2-0 at HT. Lazio haven’t been that bad. It’s just Napoli who are better than them.
Chance for Lazio to make it 2-1, but great save from Meret.
Callejon hits the bar, but it was offside.
Game on! Immobile!

Lazio down to 10 men. Acerbi is off.
Tight, but very important win to keep Napoli 2nd in the table.


Genoa-Milan and Juventus-Chievo today.


Genoa v Milan at 2pm on a Monday? :thinking: interesting.


I think Milan have gotten themselves a bad deal and overpaid heavily again for Piatek. After the Andre Silva and Kalinic disaster you think they’d have learned a lesson but evidently not.


And what does this mean for Patrick Cutrone? If they have a young homegrown striker, why not build the team around him?


Yeah they’d probably be better off giving Cutrone the chance at a starting berth.

They spent €38m on Silva, €25m on Kalinic, €18m to loan Higuain and now they’re spending €35m on Piatek.

That’s €116m on strikers and that’s precisely why Milan haven’t moved forward over the last couple seasons.


It’s stupid as fuck. none of those guys are much better than Cutrone, and they desperately need a creative midfielder and some more depth in defence.

Another club Gazidis will ruin.


Yeah, 6 good months doesn’t mean he is good.

0-0 at HT though.


2-0 Milan FT.

1-0 Milan

2-0 Milan


Juventus up thanks to Costa.

2-0 Juventus

3-0 Juventus FT.



Zanioloooo. Noice.


Another great choice from Inter :bellend:.


De Sciglio has been very good this season for Juventus and looks every inch the player people thought he would become when he first broke through at Milan. Defensively he’s one of the better full backs about right now but could do with improving his ability going forward.

I think if he can stay injury free he has a good chance to develop into a top full back. Which is a surprise given how dire he’s been for the last few seasons of his career. I guess going to Juventus and playing with people like Chiellini, Barzagli, Benatia, Buffon and learning from elite coaches is driving him forward.


Big credit to Allegri. He is a manager who takes care a lot about the defence.


Really? Fair play to him, every time I saw him last year he was shit.

Speaking of revivals, sounds like Bakayoko is finding form at Milan too?


No difficult to look good in a such shit squad.


look at how these dons dress, until you see the far left… :gabriel:


Hopefully Ivan can ruin Milan like he did with us.