Serie A Thread


To be fair it’s been hosted in USA, Qatar, Saudi and China over the last 10-15 years anyway so it’s not really new. Think leagues are so desperate to catch up with the PL they’ll try anything lol


Zaniolo puts Roma up.


Zaniolo looks like becoming a special player. Inter must be kicking themselves.


Is he the guy they gave up for Nainggolan, only for Radja to flop?

Shame man


Penalty to Roma. 2-0 Kolarov.

2-0 Roma. They got it in the bag.
Torino pull one back!


3-2 Roma

3-2 Roma FT.
Yesss! What an away win! Gervinho still decisive with a great solo goal.

1-0 Parma

1-1 Udinese

2-1 Parma

Inter only 0-0 against Sassuolo.


Frosinone-Atalanta, Fiorentina-Sampdoria, Spal-Bologna, Cagliari-empoli and Napoli-Lazio today.


How is Atalanta viewed in Italy? That’s the team I always looked out for on Gazetta Football Italia in the 90s with the legendary James Richardson


Very well. They have probably the best academy in the country and play a very fast football.


Rrrraul better start the contract blueprints for this Zaniolo chap. And Barella please, my mate. Praet as well. All of them.

There’s a wealth of really great young midfielders in Serie A right now.


We’ve already nabbed one in Torreira, let’s get more.


Zaniolo is already gonna cost about 50/60 mil lol!


Do it! :wenger2:


Atalanta 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Atalanta

2-0 Atalanta

3-0. Zapata again!

4-0! Zapata! :fire:

5-0! Atalanta :giroud2:

5-0 Atalanta FT. 44 goals in 20 games for them! :cech:

Bologna up against Spal.

Fiorentina up as well.

1-1 Sampdoria. Superb!

Bologna up, while Fiorentina draw at HT.
Spal equalize.

Edit: disallowed!
Now Spal’s goal is legit!

2-1 Fiorentina


@Luca_from_Italy must have loved gervais putting on the afterburners and killing it


I hate the commentary and I hate the way they over compensate when pronouncing names.

Good to see Parma back where they belong thlugh.


Why does that stadium have multi coloured seats haha with no fans?


2-2 Sampdoria!

3-2 Sampdoria now! Great turnaround for them!






3-3! :cech:

Both Spal and Fiorentina draw.
Cagliari up at HT against Empoli.

1-1 Empoli

Empoli up now!

2-2 FT.