Serie A Thread


Love how Juventus are basically using the league as a training for the Champions League. No team can come close to threaten them.


Baldy doing bald things


Such a bald cunt :bellend:


The Coppa Italia round of 16 starts today with Lazio-Novara, Sampdoria-Milan and Bologna-Juventus.


He is my suggestion for beautiful goalscorer, I don’t think anyone comes close to him, that’s all he scores.


Lazio win 4-1.

1-0 Lazio

2-0 Lazio

3-0 Lazio

4-0 Lazio

4-1 Novara

Milan with a 2-0 win.

1-0 Milan

2-0 Milan

Bologna-Juventus 0-2

1-0 Juventus

2-0 Juventus


Torino-Fiorentina, Inter-benevento and Napoli-Sassuolo today.
Fiorentina at HT.
2-0 Fiorentina FT.

1-0 Fiorentina

2-0 Fiorentina


Inter leading 3-0 at HT.

1-0 Inter

2-0 Inter

3-0 Inter

6-2 FT.

4-0 Inter

4-1 Benevento

5-1 Inter

5-2 Benevento

6-2 Inter

Napoli up thanks to Milik.

Sassuolo equalize with Berardi, but it is ruled out for handball.
Napoli up at HT.
2-0 Napoli


Cagliari-Atalanta and Roma-Entella today.
Atalanta 0-0 at HT.
2-0 Atalanta FT.

1-0 Atalanta

2-0 Atalanta

Roma 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Roma

2-0 Roma

4-0 Roma FT.


4-0 Roma


So you were wondering which venue would host Italy’s Super Cup final tonight?



Juventus to win it easily.


Dull game but we’re not playing as bad as I expected. Hopefully can nick a lucky goal but we shall see. Ronaldo has been very quiet which means ‘89 min tap in coming up.


Milan keeping Juventus at the bay atm :cech:


Fuck me so close cutrone, hit the bar! And Ronaldo scores a simple goal when the whole back line let him run in behind and flick a header in. Good goal from their view but shouldn’t have happened.

Oh my VAR used to get kessie sent off when he was originally given a yellow. Wasn’t a dangerous foul. Juventus in full flow, how desperate do you have to be for silverware to fucking cheat the supercoppa. This is so boring.


Always him!


Of course you quote the commentators “sempre Lui” haha


Juventus have win the Italian Super Cup. Another dull win for them.


Why is it in January and not in August before the season starts like every other league haha


you need spooning by cutrone :gabriel: :henry2:


Serie A is back today with Roma-Torino, Udinese-Parma (going to it!) and Inter-Sassuolo.


So it begins…