Serie A Thread


Milan hadn’t scored a league goal in their previous 3 games. But today they were playing Frosinone who have conceded the most goals in Serie A, so Milan were bound to score…


I know Milan have had their injury problems but Gattuso surely can’t go into the new year still as the Milan manager.


lol Inter :kosc: alywas a dice roll with them



You’d think with Inter’s back story that their fans would be more understanding…

Looks like something nasty is sprouting in northern Italy.


Sanctions must be imposed immediately, stop the fuckin game, it’s only football after all, points penalties, play the next games behind closed doors.


Sprouting? It’s in full flow for decades, centuries even and actually getting much worse. Racism and fascism and conservatism are all deeply rooted in Italy. Cities have had rivalries for centuries, before Italy was ever unified. This hatred of outsiders even 10, 20 miles away is a cornerstone of Italian culture, and contributes massively to a dislike of foreigners, particularly those of Non-European descent from poorer places, seen to be bringing down the standard of living across the country. I’m only scratching the surface here with any of this believe me, and I’m sure many of you were already aware of these issues. Change is needed but, never, ever wanted.


:arteta: :facepalm:




hides in Italian


FUCK ME :joy:


Astonishingly ignorant but I can see how it’s well intentioned and might seem like a good idea to someone ridiculously behind the times


He even made a pizza with black seasoning(or whatever)

His whole Instagram is full of pizza. So Italian


Love. It.


Italy in a nutshell, it’s a joke


Juve vs Sampdoria 1-1 at HT.


What is this guy thinking? Yikes on bikes.











Quagliarela has had a real renaissance in his career over the last couple seasons.

He’s always been a scorer of beautiful goals though.