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"Maybe I miss him a little. I have played in England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, with the national team, while he has stayed in Spain . Maybe, he needs me more.

"For me, life is a challenge, I like it and I like to make it happy. I would like him to come to Italy one day. Do what I did, accept the challenge . However, if he is happy there, I respect that.

“He is a great player, a great guy, but here I don’t miss anything. This is my new life and I am happy.”

Loves a challenge does that Ronaldo lad

Messi would tear up literally any league in the world, the notion he needs to “challenge” himself is frankly absurd imo


For me its nonsense you have to challenge yourself in other leagues. If your happy where you are then stay there as long as its up to you.


Lol. I’m not going to say Real wanted to get rid, but that relationship reached it’s end. I’m not sure his departure had anything to do with challenging himself.


Yep. CR7 left Real Madrid because they weren’t opposed to letting him go it’s really that simple. Moving to Italy to play for the best team in the league (by some distance) who’ve won the title 7 years in a row is not challenging himself. That same team have also made 2 champions league final appearances in Allegri’s 4 seasons so far.

Milan were interested in him but couldn’t afford him and I have no doubt he would NEVER have gone to Milan in their current state.


Agree with all three latest posts, you’ll be surprised to hear!


CR7 does like to challenge himself tbf.

Like that time he challenged himself to have sex with someone without their consent.

Wonder what challenge he does next :thinking:


The challenge does not necessarily have to mean to win the league though. This is an individual man with individual goals in life, I’m sure there are plenty of challenges for him, win the top scorer league, learn to break down more tactically sound and less physical teams than he is used to and whatnot.


Btw Beppe Marotta is about to sign for Inter apparently.




Hopefully Messi takes on Ronaldo’s advice on decides to join us and try and our 15 year league title drought.


Messi should join Juventus. I’m sure that would shut Ronaldo up.



Yeah I thought this might happen. I actually think Eleven Sport’s coverage has been really good, i’ve been really impressed, but without a TV platform it was always going to be difficult to attract a substantial amount of subscribers and that’s obviously going to be a problem for the leagues/UFC who want to establish themselves in this country.


Rumours are he wants Conte.


fuck! Milik just scored an absolute GOLAZOOOOO!! of a free kick in the 90th minute!!! :eyes::clap:

Only watching it on skybet as they are on my European treble and I need them to win as they are the first team on it :joy:


I just came here to say that Roma are shit.


Millik’s free kick was ridiculous. I’m not a keeper but I’d question the goalkeeping on that one. It looked like he took a step towards the side the wall was on before the kick was taken!


Lazio with a 93rd minute equalizer to steal a point from Atalanta.

LOOL VAR overrules it 2 minutes later.


Mourinho to AC Milan? Do you guys think it’s a possibility?


Gazidis to get in mourinho and Wenger :giroud: