Serie A Thread


Roma & Inter play out a 2-2 draw, Roma are really struggling this season after pretty good season last campaign.


Atalanta-Napoli today. Game kicks off at 19:30 and a win is needed for Napoli to keep up with Juventus.

On a side note… love this response from Gattuso:

Gattuso was criticised for his substitutions by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who was in the stands again today.

“That’s the good thing about Italy, there are 60 million tacticians and they all have their views. We are all judged and everyone watches the games, so that’s fine.”"


Napoli win it late 2-1 at Atalanta.


Tribute to Luca and a damn fine one too mate


Derby d’Italia is on this Friday. That should be a good one and Internazionale need the win to close the gap on Juventus.


Juventus-Inter tonight. Kick off is 19:30 for those interested in the Derby of Italy.


Thanks Luca


I work very hard so don’t break my ball.


This is actually a very big game though :laughing:. Although the dominance of Juventus in the past 7 seasons has diminished the attraction of the derbies a bit.


Got me literally :joy:


me too. I have a Luca voice in my head and as I was reading ‘break my balls’ that voice popped out


Yeah the game hasn’t had the same luster since basically you had a dominant Inter, following by a season of Milan and then 7 years of Juventus dominance. It hasn’t been an extremely competitive and season defining fixture for well over 12-13 years now that’s for sure.

But it’s still probably the second fiercest rivalry in Italy so it always has that luster.


Just the one?





you guys keep this up when luca comes back he is gonna curse your names so bad that he is gonna end up being banned again…probably permanently.


Thanks mate, I wasn’t going to make the mrs up as she’s sleeping in front of the aircon in the lounge, but given it’s Juve vs Inter I might just have to turn the TV on.


How shit are Roma?

0-2 up vs Cagliari and they drew against 9 men.


That was the only game that let my accy down too. Gutted.


I feel you. Roma were the only shits to let me down in October when they lost at home to SPAL. I would’ve won 10k.