Serie A Thread


Fiorentina’s last 5 results:

Juventus are up next :unai:


Bye bye Europa League, then :wink:


So close from Milan here!
Lazio’s goal is disallowed for offside. It’s the right call.
Good Milan atm. They are keeping Lazio at the bay.
0-0 at HT. Milan have been slightly better overall.
Nice save from Strakosha on Calabria.
Own goal! Milan up.

Correa! Right at the end! Sorry @Gio


Seriously enough is enough.

Gattuso out ffs.


Parma are gonna do them next week :unai:


Sampdoria already up against Genoa.

Penalty to Genoa! Big mistake at the back. 1-1!

Genoa getting their grip on the game now after a good start from Sampdoria.
Sampdoria are really struggling to create something, albeit Genoa are not that dangerous.
1-1 at HT. Genoa deserved to be ahead.
Not really a great second half atm.
Such a crap derby now.
Thanks god it’s over. Started well, finished badly. 1-1 FT.


Cagliari and Torino play today.
0-0 at HT. Tactical and dull game atm.
0-0 FT. Nothing to say.





Spal-Empoli, Fiorentina-Juventus (@Phoebica :xhaka2:) and Sampdoria-Bologna today.


Easy :kos2:


Easy win for Juventus :wink:


Empoli climbing up the table, as they are 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Spal

1-1 Empoli

2-1 Empoli. Golazo!

2-2 FT.

Nice start from Fiorentina. Benassi coms close with a great shot.
Here we go. 1-0 Juventus. Good goal.

Juventus leading at HT.
3-0 Juventus FT. They are just too strong for everyone.

2-0 Juventus

3-0 Juventus


Sampdoria up against Bologna.

1-1 Bologna

Sampdoria up again.

3-1 Sampdoria at HT.

4-1 Sampdoria FT.


Milan - Parma, Frosinone - Cagliari, Sassuolo - Udinese, Torino - Genoa, Chievo - Lazio and Roma - Inter today.




BOBBY INGLESE! GET IN! Sorry mate, but we are gonna win it now :wink:


Lucky Milan cunts. 1-1. It was fucking offside FFS!

Fuck. Penalty to Milan. We have gifted them the game.

Oh fuck off Grassi! Should score from there.
Very unlucky defeat. Should have really won against such a poor Milan side. The table still looks great though.


Yeah we were lucky there. It’s sad how both sides have absolutely no clinical edge to them. How times have changed.


Frosinone up against Cagliari.

Genoa also up.

1-1 Torino

2-1 Torino! What a turnaround in few minutes!

Frosinone and Torino up at HT, while Udinese draw.