Serie A Thread


1-1 FT.


Great start from Milan.
Yeah idiot. 1-0 Juventus with a great header.

Juventus have taken control of the game. Milan struggling to cope with it.
That’s a fucking penalty to Milan! Indeed. Var gives it. Szczesny saves it!


Higuain you stupid fat prick




Juventus up at HT. Must say it is deserved. Apart from the penalty, Milan have done jack shit.
Zero reaction from Milan.
CR7 kills the game off.

Higuain off! :arteta:
2-0 Juventus FT. Fully deserved.


Click (its twitter) (nsfw)

:joy::joy::joy: :eggplant:


Lol wtf!? Don’t let Jade see it :see_no_evil:


Too late :henry2:

I thought Chiellini would be bigger than that.


:cech: :see_no_evil:



Wanna try something else? :kos2:


Well this escalated quickly


Hate to be a party pooper, but photos of below the waist rudey bits have never been allowed in here. People view this shit at work lads.

Post edited.


Sorry Jakey fixed it haha. Just thought because you could easily scroll by it if you where on twitter at work :grimacing:


But, size doesn’t matter, right? According to what you girls usually say :henry2:


Oh Luca


Oh c’mon my indian buddy! I tool advantage of this thing to make a joke :wink:


Yes Luca a joke :gunnersaurus:


Like you want Sir.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Best football account on twitter


Lol! Taking the piss at Manure!


Wtf Napoli