Serie A Thread


@Gio, take a bow son! Romagnoli again! :cech:
Edit: disallowed? :arteta:. Not! :henry2:


Am I seeing things, did Milan actually keep a clean sheet?



Frosinone-Fiorentina today Jade @Phoebica :wink:


Yeah, waste of everyone’s time. They’re the worst team in the league, just hand over the 3 points now :sunglasses:


Just need Chiesa to dive and you are gonna win it :wink:


1-0 Fiorentina


Frosinone didn’t get the memo :see_no_evil:


Ahahah Jade! 1-1 FT :wink:


Torino - Parma, Spal - Cagliari and Genoa - Napoli today.
We leading 2-0 against Torino atm! :cech:

1-0 Parma

2-0 Parma

Torino pull one back with Baselli.

2-1 for us at HT. Need to regroup after the goal we conceded because Torino have battered us.
Another great away win for Parma after beating Genoa last month. We are team that need to play on counter to win the game so we look better away from home.
Spal up at HT against Cagliari.

2-2 FT. Cagliari came from 2 behind.

2-0 Spal

2-1 Cagliari

2-2 Spal

Napoli 1-0 down against Genoa :facepalm:

Napoli down at HT. They are losing their shit once again when it matters most.


Napoli ended up getting a come from behind win.


Big win for Napoli on a very difficult pitch.

1-1 Napoli

2-1 Napoli


Atalanta - Inter, Chievo - Bologna, Empoli - Udinese, Roma - Sampdoria, Sassuolo - Lazio and especially Milan - Juventus today.
Atalanta take an early lead and could have scored more. They are back in form.

Finally a chance for Inter.
Atalanta are still controlling the game well though, albeit Inter have woken up a bit in the last minutes.
1-0 Atalanta at HT. What a fantastic first half that was from them!


Do you have a video of this?



And of course, now Inter equalize.

Atalanta up again!

3-1! Another header from a free kick!

Inter down to 10 men. A terrible end to a game they fully deserved to lose.
4-1 lolololol! And that’s it!


What a fucking goal at the end there! Why doesn’t this shit inter show up against us? I fucking hate them.


Chievo already down lol! What a nightmare season they are having.

1-1 Chievo now.

Roma also up.

Sampdoria hit the post. Nice response after going down.
Roma hit the post as well. Nice game.
Very important lead for Empoli and what a move that was!

Chievo up now! Massive.

Roma, Empoli and Chievo up at HT.


2-0 Empoli! It was about time they started to perform.

2-2 Bologna

VAR just denied a penalty to Sampdoria. It looked the correct decision, imo. Ramirez clearly looked for it.
Nice goal from Schick.

Kluivert having a great game. @Bl1nk
Another penalty denied by VAR. This time for Roma.
3-0 Roma. Golazo!

Udinese pull one back.

Nice goal from Defrel. 1-3 Sampdoria.

4-1 Roma

Roma and Empoli win. Chievo draw, instead. They are at 0 points now :smile:


Sassuolo-Lazio 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Lazio

1-1 Sassuolo


Yea, if you call the 18th minute half time :smiley: