Serie A Thread


Milan-Genoa today. Milan can go 4th along with Lazio.

1-0 Milan thanks to Suso.


1-1 thanks to the great Bakayoko


2-1 Milan FT.

1-1 Genoa

2-1 Milan. Romagnoli has been the star today :smiley:

Milan are 4th now. Considering the season they are having, it’s a great position for them.


Napoli play this evening. They can go 3 points behind the top before Juventus play tomorrow.
2-0 Napoli at HT.

1-0 Napoli

2-0 Napoli

Game on! Empoli score with Caputo.


4-1 Milik

5-1 Mertens’s hattrick.

5-1 Napoli FT. They are just 3 points behind Juventus now.


Inter - Genoa, Fiorentina - Roma and Juventus - Cagliari today.


Barely touches the ball all game and isn’t involved like a modern striker but his movement in and around the box is truly world class. Old school striker.


He’s exactly what Madrid need and I’m amazed they didn’t go out for him in the summer…


Think they went for him, but Inter couldn’t afford to lose him after being back in the Champions League.


Inter up thanks to Gagliardini.

2-0 Politano.


Inter have a good side, if they can get some creativity in the middle to replace Rafinha then they look really good.

Shame Modric didn’t manage to move there in the end, he should go there ASAP as his career winds down.


Inter 2-0 up at HT.
3-0 Inter now.

5-0 Inter FT.

4-0 Inter

5-0 Inter


Fiorentina take the lead against Roma.

1-0 Fiorentina at HT.


Not sure that was a pen to be honest. Simeone seemed to go down quite easily… Simeone cheating, I wonder where he gets that from :unai:


1-1 FT.


Juventus already up against Cagliari. Golazo from Dybala!

1-1 YES!

Didn’t last long. Juventus up again.

Juventus leading 2-1 at HT.
3-1 Juventus FT. Still 6 points above Napoli and Inter.


Lazio 2-1 up at HT against Spal

1-0 Lazio

1-1 Spal

2-1 Lazio

4-1 Lazio FT

3-1 Lazio

4-1 Lazio


Watching Parma-Frosinone live.

More pics:

0-0 at HT. Awful game against an awful team.


Chievo-Sassuolo 0-1

Sampdoria-Torino 0-2

1-0 Torno

2-0 Torino


Terrible game. Think a League One would have been more exciting. At least we didn’t lose and are 8 points above the relegation zone. The other games:

Chievo-Sassuolo 0-2

Sampdoria-Torino 1-4

3-0 Torino

3-1 Sampdoria

4-1 Torino


Bologna-Atalanta 1-2. Atalanta climbing the table after a difficult start.

1-0 Bologna

1-1 Atalanta

2-1 Atalanta