Serie A Thread


Defrel puts Sampdoria up.

2-1 Sampdoria FT. Spal are starting to crumble after a great start.


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Torino beat Frosinone 3-2.

1-0 Torino

2-0 Torino

2-1 Frosinone

2-2 Frosinone

3-2 Torino


Cagliari beat Bologna 2-0, while Juventus are leading Udinese 2-0 at HT. CR7 with a goal.
2-0 Juventus FT. 8 out of 8 so far. Destroying everything.
Roma win as well to keep their great run going.


1-0 Juventus

2-0 Juventus


1-0 Roma

2-0 Roma


Piatek at it again. He just can’t stop scoring atm.

1-1 Parma! Get in!


3-1 now! Unbelievable!

3-1 at HT. What a first half ahah!
3-1 FT. Would have never expected this against a very in-form side. Now we already are 8 points above the relegation zone.


What a chance for Milan with Bonaventura! How did he miss it!? :cech:
Now Higuain scores. 1-0 Milan. That defence though :arteta:

2-0. Higuain again.

Lazio up as well.


I like football so far today


Milan easily beating a poor Chievo side. Lazio winning as well. All the others draw.


3-0 Bonaventura

Milan keep conceding. 3-1 Chievo.

Big crisis for Atalanta atm. Sampdoria leading.

Milan, Lazio and Sampdoria win.


Napoli take the lead after just 3 minutes.

1-0 Napoli at HT.
2-0 Napoli FT. Insigne with a beautiful 2nd goal.


Inter up thanks to Icardi.

Spal have missed a penalty and a great chance with Felipe now.
Inter 1-0 up at HT. Not really a great from them. Spal deserve the draw.


Inter should be down, not ahead. They have been piss poor.
Finally! 1-1!

Leaving Icardi so unmarked, 2-1 Inter.

Lucky win for Inter.


he any good?


Do Milan still have money left? :thinking:


That bald cunt Ivan has plundered us and is on his way to Milan.