Serie A Thread


Napoli hit the post!
MERTENS! YES! Nice little goal after Bonucci cocked up.

Napoli hammering Juventus atm.


Friendly reminder that Juve, not too long ago, could play a midfield 3 of Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio/Pogba

Now they have Pjanic doing everything, with two runners alongside him.

edit: lovely goal


Fuck! 1-1! Great goal and assist.

Juventus almost scored again. Not safe from Ospina there.
Napoli too open at the back now. Juventus are finding it easy to counter attack them.
1-1 at HT. Fair result.


CR7 with a sexy AF assist.


CR7 hits the post, then Mandzukic scores.

3-1 Bonucci after Callejon came close to equalize.

3-1 Juventus FT. They are now 6 points above Napoli. The league is almost over again. Despite not scoring that much, CR7 is proving to be a lethal weapon for Bianconeri.


Inter already up against Cagliari. Martinez.

Inter up at HT.

2-0 Inter FT. Slowly climbing the table, as they are 3rd now.


Inter have quietly put together a pretty good squad. I just don’t really trust Lucho Spaletti. He yells a lot and looks fresh to death in his suits but I’ve never been that impressed with his body of work.


It’s the Carlo Effect. :disappointed:

I think ADL might break up this team sooner than later. The window looks like it’s shut on the title and they’ve massively downgraded their GK.


His work with Roma around 07 is something to be admired. He got a limited squad playing some fantastic football and turned them into genuine title challengers.

He also did good work on his return to Roma too and really helped steady the ship and left them in an excellent place for EDF to come into.

But I haven’t been impressed with his Inter tenure so far.


Fair play. I thought EDF was a huge upgrade but his results this year have definitely left something to be desired (derby win aside). Maybe Lucho wasn’t as bad as I thought at Roma.


I feel for EDF though because I don’t think they had a very good summer and every outgoing player was replaced with someone of less quality if you ask me. But he’s managed to string together a couple of decent results anyway.


Napoli have done pretty well, imo. Juventus are just too strong like every season.


Gervinho on the scoresheet again. 3 massive points for us in the race to stay up, as we are 6 points above the relegation zone now.

Milan back to the winning way. 4-1 against Sassuolo.

1-0 Milan

2-0 Milan

3-0 Milan

3-1 Sassuolo

4-1 Milan



Any idea why Marotta has been forced out at Juventus?


The whole Malcom debacle probably didn’t help. Monchi has made some good sales Emerson and Rudiger come to mind but I’m not sure about their squad. They have some really interesting young players like Justin Kluivert and Cengiz Under but then again, they also have Patrick Schick who was a really young and interesting player but he’s seemingly stalled out.

The toughest part about Serie A is that there are some really interesting teams but I still think the league is really suffering from Juventus’ dominance on the field and in the market. They’re basically Bayern in the way that they can directly damage their closest rivals by signing the best players from inside Italy.


Read that he disagreed with Juventus signing CR7. He would have never given him a 4-year contract.


I can fully understand why he disagrees with it. Giving him a 4 year contract is terrible business. No doubt CR7 would never have accepted any less though.

It’s the kind of deal that I think will have a long term negative impact on Juventus.


Sampdoria-Spal today.


He deffo did rape her, according to his own comments.

But I wonder if the NDA she signed means she can’t pursue this or not.

Let’s see what happens.


Sampdoria 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Spal

1-1 Sampdoria