Serie A Thread


Your negativity is not appreciated



Stick a Viola up your ass :laca:


Mirallas hits the post! Didn’t know he played for Fiorentina.
Nice game. Candreva comes close now.
Inter dominating now.
What a chance for Simeone! Fiorentina play some good stuff.
Penalty to Inter. Icardi scores. Looked soft to me.

Inter leading at HT. Difficult to say if it is deserved because both teams had some good chances.


Chiesa deflected! 1-1!

Fiorentina so close to the 2-1!
Fiorentina fall sleep during their best moment and Inter take advantage of it. 2-1.

Great display from Fiorentina, but it wasn’t enough to beat Inter. 2-1 to them FT.


Udinese-Lazio 0-0 at HT.

2-1 Lazio FT.

1-0 Lazio

2-0 Lazio

2-1 Udinese. Great goal!


Juventus, Roma and Napoli already leading.

1-0 Juventus

1-0 Napoli

1-0 Roma. Great goal.

2-0 Juventus

2-0 Roma. Fantastic backheel.

3-0 Roma

1-0 Genoa

Roma, Napoli, Juventus and Genoa up at HT, while Torino and Sampdoria draw.


2-0 Napoli.

2-0 Genoa

3-0 Napoli. No shame in losing against the 2nd best team in the league.

4-0 Roma

Both Napoli and Juventus win so the battle goes on ahead of saturday’s clash. Roma and Genoa win as well.


Sassuolo beat Spal to go 3rd in the table.

1-0 Sassuolo

2-0 Sassuolo


Milan already up against Empoli.

Great chance for Empoli to equalize, but Donnarumma saves it well.
Another good chance for Empoli. They hit the post now.
Milan up at HT despite not playing well.


Milan fucking up again.


Lol @Gio! What a mistake ahahha!

More dropped points for Milan. New season, same old problems.


Romagnoli :facepalm:

Milan defence genuinely worse than ours.


That was a great assist, tbh :mustafi:



Big saturday ahead: Roma-Lazio and especially Juventus-Napoli.


CR7s rape from 9 years ago has come up again in the news. Wonder if anything will change this time because I think there was an NDA and an out of court settlement.


Sounds like she’s run out of money and needs a top up again.


Roma-Lazio looks very balanced atm.
Lazio dominating now. They have had with a couple of dangerous moments in the last minutes.
Roma with 2 massive chances! Good game!
Now it’s Roma’s turn to dominate the game. Lazio struggling a bit.
Pastore off injured. Pellegrini on.
Pellegrini! Nice backheel, but crap defence.

1-0 Roma at HT. Roma have been slightly better than Lazio so it’s a deserved lead overall.


I feel like Roma only score back heeled goals. Must be the only thing they practice in training.


Lazio equalize. Fazio lol!

Roma up again. Great free kick!

Game over. Fazio make amends for the first Lazio goal and score the 3-1.

3-1 Roma FT. They are slowly coming back to their level.