Serie A Thread


Fatty doing well for you @Gio.


He’s been on it, if only Milan didn’t have wasters in midfield, I’d say they could easily get a CL place.

Shame they decided to spunk £30-40m on Bakayoko ffs.

Even Xhaka would improve them ffs.


Milan up at HT.


We had too many chances and wasted them so this is deserved for them. Fucking shocking defending. Like watching Arsenal.


Suso :giroud2:


Best left foot in serie a


1-1 Atalanta

2-1 Milan


feels weird seeing actual wing play.


Fuck off. Fuck me.


Ahahahah! Fucking get in! Milan :rofl:


it was coming tbf


Parma 7
Milan 5
Roma 5



Frosinone holding Juventus back atm. 0-0 at HT. Not many chances. CR7 had a shot cleared off the line.
Of course, he has scored again.

2-0 Juventus FT.


Man he looks so much happier there at Juve compared to RM


Because he is the main man.


I’d love to know how much he truly enjoyed it at Real Madrid, especially during the latter years


He actually seems considerably happier and like he’s having fun at Juve too.


Inter-Fiorentina. Another massive game for Inter after their difficult start.


Indeed. Fiorentina are gonna win 8-0 and cement themselves as Juve’s biggest challengers :sunglasses:

In all seriousness, would love to see Fiorentina back in the CL. Given how all the “big” teams have started, I think they have a good shot. Pioli has managed to get this team to really click. Plus, If they can get top 4, they’ll have a good chance of keeping hold of Chiesa and Simeone.


They will do well to finish in the Europa League, albeit all the top teams bar Juventus and Napoli look shit atm.