Serie A Thread


Two of them sound like blasts from the past haha.

I still remember a fucking wondergoal by the original chiesa, from the right sideline about 30 yards out, for sampdoria I think. Makes van bastens and savicevics volleys look amateur level. I watched it on football italia channel 4, being absolutely amazed. I’ve not been able to find it since and to me still one of the best goals of my entire life. It’s so vivid in my mind.


Ah look at that. A shiny goal from one of Viola’s super duper front 3 :sunglasses:


Fuck off!



Fiorentina up at HT.

1-1 FT.


Sassuolo-Inter today.
1-1 so far. Great start to the game!

1-0 Empoli

1-1 Sassuolo

1-1 at HT.
3-1 Sassuolo FT. They are 2nd again now.

2-1 Sassuolo

3-1 Sassuolo. Great backheel.


I am in Parma to see Parma-Cagliari.


Having fun @Luca_from_Italy ? :grin:


Just fucking beautiful! Seeing it live :giroud2:


Since when did Gervinho sign for Parma??


Bagged a goal against Juve too.

Good signing for them.


More pics:


Another great game from Chiesa

I’ve been seeing a lot of stories recently linking him with Chelsea though. Don’t go there, man :persevere:


Fiorentina thrash Spal 3-0. They are 2nd now.

1-0 Fiorentina

2-0 Fiorentina

3-0 Fiorentina


Lucky Inter once again. Brozovic gave them the win against Sampdoria in the dying minutes of the game.


1-0 Parma


Juventus, Napoli, Roma and Lazio should all win today. Only Milan could struggle against Atalanta.
Napoli already up thanks to a weird goal.

2-0 Verdi. Too easy for them.

2-0 Napoli at HT. Torino are nothing today.

Belotti pulls one back thanks to a penalty.

3-1 Insigne

3-1 Napoli FT. They are 2nd again now.


Lazio up against Genoa.

Roma bossing the game against Bologna atm. Already 2 big chances for them.
Oh! Massive chance for Bologna. They just missed it.

2-0 Genoa and the game is almost over after just 25 minutes.

Rma still play poorly though, despite dominating the game.
Ahahah Roma! 1-0 Bologna. What a nightmare start to the season for them.

Double chance for Roma with Fazio.
Roma just missed an open chance with Pellegrini.
Bologna and Lazio up at HT. Udinese draw, instead.


Genoa pull one back.

Lazio 2 goals up again.

2-0 Bologna! Di Francesco is in danger now.

Udinese up. Great goal!

Udinese kill the game off.

4-1 Lazio

Lazio, Bologna and Udinese win.


I feel for EDF. You can’t sell Radja, Alisson and Strootman and then wonder why you’re team isn’t performing.

They sold top players and didn’t replace them effectively.


Yeah, they had a terrible window.

If this is what the best DoF has to offer then it’s not good…

Unless they have a more long term plan, in that case EDF should be given time too.