Serie A Thread


Has Ronaldo scored yet ?


Nope. Gervinho has more goals than him in Serie A this season :grin:


Nope. He doesn’t look he can fit into Juventus system well.


Think he’s been playing well tbh, better than his Real Madrid performances last season (but in a weird quirk he ended up getting goals then so it was kind of glossed over)


6 points in 2 games for Fiorentina. @Phoebica


Yeah, good start. I really like this Fiorentina team, they’re so young but there’s a lot of talent. I don’t expect they’ll hold on to the likes of Simeone and Chiesa for years to come, but for now i’m enjoying watching them. Chiesa especially – he’s developing really well at Fiorentina. That assist :heart_eyes: Italy have a gem there, he’ll be a star for you.


Napoli 1-0 down. What a goal from Defrel!

Napoli struggling to get going. Meanwhile, Genoa up as well.

2-0 Sampdoria! Napoli all over the place atm.

1-1 Sassuolo. Boateng scores again.

Sassuolo up now!

Sassuolo running riot. 3-1!

Massive lead for Cagliari against Atalanta, while Genoa have literally collapsed. 4-1 Sassuolo!

1-0 Cagliari

4-1 Sassuolo

Terrible half from Napoli. Their problem is that they can’t control the game like they did with Sarri. They are always second best.


Strong call from Napoli. Insigne off for Mertens.
Lazio up against Frosinone.

Almost an own goal for Sampdoria. Napoli trying to react immediately.
Napoli have woken up.
Napoli deserve a goal now.
5-1 Sassuolo! Lol!

Genoa pull one back.

Quagliarella! 3-0 Sampdoria! Golazo! That’s a great lesson for Napoli.

5-3 Genoa! Ahahah!

Heavy defeat for Napoli. They have been riding their luck recently so this defeat is not a surprise.


Torino up against Spal.

First win for Torino in the league.


That Quagliarella goal is absolutely fantastic by the way. Must have watched it about 100 times since Sunday. If anyone hasn’t seen it, watch it! Goal of the year contender.


He always scored great goals, tbh.


Inter- Parma, a very nervy Napoli-Fiorentina for Napoli and Frosinone-Sampdoria today.


Why are Inter doing so shit so far?

Is it just inter being Inter?


Yep, crumbling under pressure.


0-0 so far. Parma doing well to keep Inter at the bay.


Maybe I like football this year a little bit.


Napoli still struggling. 0-0 at HT against Fiorentina.
Insigne gives Napoli a vital win.

Sampdoria leading Frosinone at HT.
What a win for Sampdoria! 5-0 FT! Frosinone look too weak for the league though.


Barcelona apparently interested in Monchi. They can take him, Roma had a shambles of a summer.


Expect Juventus and Milan to win easily today. Meanwhile, Roma are playing Chievo.

2-0 Roma at HT

1-0 Roma

2-0 Roma

2-2 FT ahaha! Roma are nothing special this season.

2-1 Chievo

2-2 Chievo


Udinese up against Torino.

Juventus only 0-0 at HT against Sassuolo. Genoa draw as well.
FFS! The cunt has scored thanks to a cock up at the back! Torino also equalized.

1-0 Juventus

1-1 Torino

2-0 Juventus. Him again.

1-0 Genoa

Sassuolo pull ome back. Too little, too late.

2-1 FT for Juventus. Genoa win as well, while Udinese draw.