Serie A Thread


Inter still 0-0 at HT.
3-0 Inter FT.

1-0 Inter

2-0 Inter

3-0 Inter


Dybala isn’t “in shape” apparently :unamused:

Looks mighty fine to me :henry2:




C’mon Gervinho!


Already 0-1 Mandzukic.


Well, we are crap. We knew it.


Pjanic should be sent off


Fuck me! We hit the bar! Good response.


YAO KOUASSI!!! @Luca_from_Italy he did it!

1-1 fully deserved


Yep, great game from us after a difficult start. Hope we can keep it up.


Juventus up again. It had to happen.


Was the 2nd by Mavidi the guy we gave them?


Hahaha, no. Matuidi. The French midfielder.


Unlucky @Luca_from_Italy


Yep, great game from us. We can stay up if we keep playing in this way.


As a big fan of VAR, I must say I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of Serie A so far. It makes your 90 minutes so much more interesting than to have a couple of big moments decided this way.


Douglas Costa is one helluva winger, what I’d pay to have him here.


Fuck Juventus, cheating bastards. That’s it.


Did they cheat today or just a general remark?


Bernardeschi dived two times to win a penalty and a free kick. Thanks god the referee didn’t fall into his tricks.