Serie A Thread


I didn’t realise this happened. Nice gesture.

Fans had asked for “a deafening silence of 43 minutes, one for each child, worker, student, father or mother who are no longer with us today”.


Wow. I’d say that was intense.


Big game today: Milan-Roma.


Tuning in for the big one.

Who’s gonna win this? @Luca_from_Italy


Roma to edge it 2-1, imo.


Balanced game atm.


Yes. I think Roma will be first to score. Can see Milan making a defensive mistake


What a chance for Calabria!


Great move. Should score.


Milan looking the better team now. Higuain close.
Roma doing jack shit.


Game a bit dull now tbh


Kessie! Deserved goal for Milan. Clearly the better team in the first half.

1-0 Milan at HT. With a bit more quality, Rossoneri would have killed the game off in the first half. This Roma side are so poor.


Great chance for Dzeko after Higuain lost the ball just outside the box.
This game is very poor technically. A lot of mistakes.
1-1! A bit out of the blue!

2-1 Milan! What a response from them!
Edit: disallowed!


Yeah, Milan not creating much anymore


Higuaiiiiin 2-1!!!

Looked offside at first glance. We’ll see


Ruled out lol. 1-1 it stays


The new Roma goalie looks crap.
Disallowed goal for Roma. Clearly handball.
That was a good chance for Dzeko.
WOW! Milan won it right at the end! Cutrone! Great pass from Higuain.


Bologna-Inter and Parma-Juventus today. Guess CR7 is gonna break the deadlock against us today :hipster:



That team should have really dominated Europe for years.