Serie A Thread


Napoli playing really well again. Lazio look a bit disjointed.
What a chance for Lazio! This is a great game to watch.
Insigneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Golazo!

Mertens on for Insigne.
Lazio have hit the bar and the post in the last 10 minutes. They deserve to equalize.
Bastos with a fantastic last-ditch tackle to prevent Callejon from scoring the winning goal.
2-1 Napoli FT. That was a truly fantastic game.


Lol @Inter


Poor performance by Inter, though I’d imagine Sassuolo is a tough place to start the season.


Insane haha


They had a lot of difficulty with the quick attackers of Sassuolo. Apparantly their record against them is also bad. Still a bit disappointing after the hype from their summer.


Who is the one in the Roma shirt?


One of my top 5 strikers of all time - Gabriel Batistuta.


Damn man, that’s got to be your age showing.

So I’ll give you a pass for that shocking question :wink:

@SRCJJ I was there at Wembley when he scored that cracker against us. First evening match I went to as well.


To be fair, when I think of Batistuta, him in a Roma shirt is not what comes to mind. Fiorentina/Argentina legend.


I remember when he spanked our asses in the Champions league in 1999. I think we played in Wembley, no idea why. Not 100% certain but I think we controlled the game and should have won but out of nowhere he scored a real corker. Kind of hated him ever since then.

Actually… there’s a video of it.


Fuck I remember being filthy at school all day in year 7 after that morning.


CR7 making full use of Italian refs :arteta:

Almost punched it in.


Best player in the league


Impressed with Bernardeschi


Ronaldo effect. Juventus creating chances non-stop in the second half. Expect him to be bagging hat-tricks soon.


Not really a great stuff so far. Only Napoli look to impress, with their will not to give up until the end. I’d kill to have Allan here. Such a wonderful player.



Similar to what Emery is trying to achieve?


Very interesting. It looks so and De Zerbi is quite rated as manager.


Roma-Atalanta 1-3 so far. Atalanta playing so well!

1-0 Roma

1-1 Atalanta

2-1 Atalanta

3-1 Atalanta

What a second half! 3-3 FT!.

3-2 Roma

3-3 Roma


Look at Milan and Inter trying to find excuses to make way for Mourinho.
Race of the Milan rivals begins. :wenger: