Serie A Thread


GUESS WHO IS BACK! :giroud: @Electrifying


Biabiany and Gervinho on the wings :giroud3:

He’s gonna look swell in this beauty


The main man Gervbeenio © lengooner


Yep, they are gonna be deadly together :kos2:


Does he still sport that shit haircut?


Think so.


Guess who starts for Juventus :giroud:


That game is free to watch on Facebook if anyone doesn’t want to watch us get smashed :grin:

  1. We are not losing
  2. I am watching it on DAZN, a new streaming platform in Italy.

Ok? :bellerin:


Woj :heart:


Already up after 3 minutes and it’s not Ronaldo… disappointing…


Juventus already up thanks to Khedira.


All the defenders were marking Ronaldo :arteta:


They are so scared of CR7 that they don’t mark anyone else :arteta:
1-1 Chievo!

1-1 at HT.


In all the Chelsea Arsenal excitement I missed the fact that Chievo are winning.

Football’s brilliant.


That is fantastic kit.


2-1 Chievo


Ah damn. Juve’s big summer signing equalised.


2-2 Juventus

Disallowed goal for Mandzukic.
Now it’s legit. Juventus win thanks to Bernardeschi.


Ciro! What a goal! 1-0 Lazio against Napoli!

Napoli look so slow.
1-1 Milik! Napoli have started to push well in the last minutes so it’s a deserved equalizer.

Disallowed for a push on a Lazio defender.
Napoli immediately with another chance to equalize.
Milik again! Now it’s legit! What a ball from Insigne!

1-1 at HT. Fantastic last minutes.