Serie A Thread


Eleven Sports have announced their price structure. £50 a year, not bad – though there’s no TV channel as of yet, just an online streaming service.


That’s a very nice deal.


Eredivisie. Lol.

Shitshow of a league


Thank God the pricing is good. Shame there’s no TV channel but it’s not the end of the world. Now I hope they have good commentators and presenters.

I want Scot Minto back!

Just been looking into it and I’m not sure how many games they will cover. They won’t show every La Liga game like sky did (including the red button) which really sucks. Not sure how they split the coverage between la liga and serie a either.

Think I may hold off for a while…


If only sky etc come down to that price, then most people could afford to pay it they could get millions more subscribers rather than going for streams etc


Your league, you orange tool :xhaka:


Thanks for reminding me :netherlands:


Wow that’s good. I was expecting something a bit crazier like £10.

£6 seems completely fair considering they’re paying like 5% of what Sky are for sports rights.

So which Allsvenskan teams are you guys going for? I think I’m leaning towards Götenborg.


Brommapojkarna for me. The name sold it to me – though we’re not very good.


Yeah we smashed you last week.


tbf it’s cheap because their showing la liga and Serie A and other random leagues no one cares about.


I’m sure if they have a TV-channel it will get more expensive…


You’re Dutch? Have you been Dutch this whole time? :open_mouth:


Yes :grinning: I didn’t realise you can change nationality


@Bl1nk knows i am joking :xhaka:


Mate women are gonna be the end of you.

You shouldn’t let them get in your head like that man.

Stay strong #forzagio


You’re not wrong at all. I’m pretty certain this girl is the one.


Diego Costa would like a word on that point my dude. :arteta:


You know Monchi hasn’t really had a great window for Roma so far if we’re being honest.

Maybe it wasn’t just him at Sevilla? :thinking:


Justin Kluivert looks like he’s going to be a star. I think Roma got picked apart a little bit in the last two windows but the money they made from selling Allison and Radja could turn into two or three prospects.

Plus they just tied Florenzi down to a new extension. Hasn’t been all bad but damn Inter’s looking competent in the market. Very unusual.