Serie A Thread


I hope Eleven Sports doesn’t screw me with prices because I’m actually getting excited about becoming Italian now.


Eleven Sports has yet to announce how much UK subscribers will have to pay to watch their coverage. But they promise it will be ‘as affordable as possible’ and released before the start of the new season.

Confirmed it’s going to be unaffordable


Inter going strongly. They look Juventus’s main contender atm.



Who ‘won’ that three way deal?


Easily Milan.

Fatty is still an upgrade on their striker options and Caldara is a possible future Italy starting CB.

All that to let go of Bonucci who was a bit inconsistent last season.

2 Nesta lovers at the heart of Milan and Italy’s defence :laca:


Juventus cocked up in style by selling Caldara.


The comments :arteta:
@Gio where u at my man, let’s enjoy Juventus suffering for the time being


No one has answered why Juve sold him then gave away two of their players to get him back?! Haha


What a tool.


I can only assume that the addition of Ronaldo means that Juventus have shifted into we gotta win right fucking now mode. I thought they did that when they crippled Napoli and Roma by signing Higuain and Pjanic a few years ago but this is a whole new level of win now.

Yes, giving away Caldara looks like a dumb move but Juventus have such tremendous financial advantage over the rest of Italian football that they’ll probably buy the new Caldara (whoever he is) in January.


Serie A making a good claim to be the best league on social media


Good to see a young England youth international trying another league too.

Absolutely sensational name too. Two staples of my footballing youth merged together in one name.


Oh shit he’s English haha. What a name.


If he never made it as a footballer he would’ve resented the fuck out of his parents lol.


His twin brother is called Romario. Their parents were obviously fans of Brazilian footballers :grin:


Sorry not been about, been a horrible horrible situation with a girl and I can’t focus on anything whatsoever, hope everyone is well, you’re all class, even you @AbouCuellar

Keep your heads up and keep busy


It seems Modric really wants to join Inter. What a signing it would be!


Fucking hell, Calcio truly picking Real Madrid apart like vultures :arteta:

None of this will happen though, surely


Real need a massive overhaul so it’s normal their best players want to leave.