Serie A Thread


Could count how many La Liga or Serie A games ive watched on one hand so can’t say I’ll miss them tbh. Shame for the people who did tho


But wasn’t that package like, 2 lots of 10 games that take place at the same time? So effectively 2 watchable games or something? Still I won’t complain as I also already have it :grin:

The thing I hate most about UK football is that it’s owned by telecom companies. To get a ‘good deal’ on PL football means you need to be tied to Sky/BT/both. I resent the fact it has to come into that decision. I’m really hoping some internet service turns up and seriously disrupts the market so this is a good trend and I’ll be right behind it if it isn’t too much.


Just bought Sky so i am fine.


Well yes luca since this is a uk only thing haha


Sky Sport is in Italy as well. Check it out :wink:


I thought you hated our media :gabriel:


Yes Luca but this is for the uk rights. Has nothing to do with the Italian ones lol


My bad lol.


@Luca_from_Italy might have celebrated the promotion a little too early there mate :slight_smile:


Yeah, i already know it. Bollocks if you got relegated just for some weird text messages.




he looks like the new sacha baron cohen character in that picture


Gotta be honest, I have never liked him, and always thought that Messi was the best footballer I had ever seen…However…he seems to be getting better as he gets older, I would not be surprised if he won another 2 champion ,leagues, at least, with Juve…Good luck Christiano…




He looks cool in this shirt, even better than at Real. Juventus are earning a lot of money just for this :smile:


Is that hot bird still on it? The one whose pictures got leaked


Yeah, she follows Serie B. Her name is Diletta Leotta.


Oh yes, that’s the one :wink:



Milan looking at Higuain, Morata and Paredes. And Immobile but that’s unlikely.

  • Sky Italia

After somehow managing to convince Atletico Madrid that Kalinic is a player worth buying :arteta: