Serie A Thread


Please be true :giroud2:

Also thank fuck

Serie A getting its shit together??? :henry2:


Sounds dodgy. Milan about to be screwed again!


So they are gonna keep Milan, instead of selling? Interesting move.



Ronaldo litterly is printing money for them haha


The transfer has already paid for itself. What a coup by Juve.


Marketing operation in the end. Not a bad thing in the end.


I bet Silent Stan is livid.


Unless Owners are selling off Juve, it means absolutely nothing.


Well that’s not really true is it because he’s immediately made Juventus a more attractive team so they’ll likely be able to make significantly more money this season than in prior seasons.

There’s going to be a boost in revenue coming from sponsorships, advertising deals and commercial partnerships.


La Liga and now Serie A lost to whatever the fuck 11 sports is


Now I actually have a reason to dislike Juventus. Was looking for one for years.

If they can sell Higuian and Rugani for €100 million to Chelsea, those rumours are kind of circulating, that would be incredible business.


How many channels in the UK do actually offer live football/? We only have something like two.


This is just so silly now. How can bt and sky justify their prices


It was only two but this Eleven Sports thing came out of nowhere so I guess it will be three, although I think BT are going to scale down their operation in the future.

If it’s priced reasonably I might give it a go tbh.


Just Sky and BT atm will soon have to include this 11 sports and amazon from 19/20


I’ll be interested to see how this works. I don’t think there is enough demand for La Liga and Serie A that a huge number of people will be willing to pay much for another service purely to watch those games. They’ll surely have to make some sort of deal with someone.

And is it only online? Seems odd that they wouldn’t launch a TV channel.

But yeah, Eleven Sports, BT Sport, Sky Sports AND Amazon? What a fucking mess!


Don’t Amazon have like one PL game? Probably not a deal breaker :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather pay like a tenner for La Liga and Serie A than 50 quid or whatever it is for the premier league.


Amazon have 20 matches. I watch a lot of stuff on Amazon Prime anyway, not to mention take advantage of free delivery often, so £80 a year for all that is pretty reasonable IMO.

I love Serie A, so personally i’ll pay whatever they charge but there will be a lot of viewers who are just casual watchers and will take or leave it. Especially if the pricing model is similar to what they do in other countries – works out as £15/£20 a month.


I can probably justify paying about £15-20 for La liga and Serie A but I wouldn’t pay any more