Serie A Thread


I know. I am just saying the dutch players are overpriced.


wtf why are they still playing Serie A playoffs in the middle of June during the world cup?! @Luca_from_Italy


Aww they made up


I hope you don’t mind me editing your post to change the link into the image :+1:



How did you do that? I was trying to sort it haha, and a few images have been doing that for me recently.


Just saved the image to my phone and uploaded it, no special tricks :slightly_smiling_face:

But you can click here

And then paste a link in if you click on “from the Web”


Nainggolan to Inter and Pastore to Roma.





Quite Cheap that. Juve constantly find smart deals.



The AC Milan project has crashed and burned.

Utter failure.


Great news for Fiorentina :smiley:


They’ve done it as a favour to Milan to spare them another 5-1 humbling



Fuck Li


Shame as they were such humble supporters…


Fake chinese has brought fake money in so i am not surprised.



Replacing Licht?


He any good?


Amazing on FIFA 18 (career mode after 4-5 seasons).