Serie A Thread


I can’t find this game on TV.


Quagliarella has always been one of my favourite names in football. Dunno why, just sounds great.




Kick em out!


Poor Milan, first fucked up by Berlusconi, then sold to a fake chinese. Feel sorry for @Gio


Carlo Ancelotti is the new Napoli manager.

Very indifferent about that. I really wanted Sarri to win the Scudetto with them.


Confirmed? Or just news stuff

Wonder where Sarri will go. Chelsea seems obvious destination but twitter saying Zenit is possible??


I think Sky Italia and a few other sources are reporting it.

Gutted that he won’t take this Napoli team any further, it’s a scandal that they didn’t win anything together. I’m not sure if Ancelotti will be able to take them any closer than Sarri did, and not really convinced it’s the most suitably outcome for both Ancelotti and Napoli.

I’m guessing Sarri to Chelsea is done too, which will be unbearable.


They say they are gonna announce him the next friday.

Massive challenge for Carlo with a tighter budget.


So what’s the situation with Sarri? He hasn’t announced he’s going yet has he?

Will be an expensive managerial appointment for Chelsea if they have to pay his buy out AND pay Conte compensation. That’ll be about £15m.


Well, he basically said he is leaving on sunday. Him and De Laurentiis don’t get along well.


Thank fuck we never got Ancelotti.


Yep, been announced


It’s rumored Roma wants to pay, or is going to pay, 80 million euros for Kluivert, Berardi and Cristante. Those are bad deals. I thought Monchi was praised for his ability to find extremely good value.


Inflated market. Especially the small clubs want big money to sell their best players.


Nah. Roma should find better value for €80 million. These players don’t have resell value they will max out at Roma.


Cristante has been a superb performer for Atalanta, tbh. Kluivert is dutch so you have to pay him a lot. The only one who should be cheap is Berardi who is not the same he was some seasons ago.


Yeah I think Cristante and Kluivert are good buys but Berardi maybe I’m sceptical of because of his lack of development. Seems to have actually receded in quality.


The injury has taken its tool.


Dutch wingers outside the Eredivisie are not a success. Robben is the exemption and not the rule. As soon as Ajax asked €25 million; Roma should have hang up. I’m positive they can find a better alternative in South America for that money.