Serie A Thread


I’ve always rated Ranocchia he just didn’t have any consistency and didn’t have the concentration necessary to play at this level.


I would have preferred Inter as our opponent in the Europa League next season :hipster:


Think the Serie A has been the most entertaining league this season. A title race until week 37, which had plenty of drama in it… a race for the CL which has gone to the final day… a EL scramble and relegation scraps.


4 minutes added on.


Is it wrong that I now want Inter to win haha.


You play the best football along with Napoli and score the most goals, yet you finish in the Europa League :arteta:. Well-done Lazio!


If Napoli hold onto Sarri and Inter strengthen well in the summer I think Italian teams have the chance to make a mark in the CL next season.


Given the circumstances, should Inzaghi really have started De Vrij?


Comm in the match said Inter haven’t been in the CL since 11/12?! Wow lol


Not at all. Because this is going to be so much more controversial than it really is. It’s so obvious De Vrij didn’t do it intentionally but now he’s going to get absolutely rinsed in the media and by the fans


Doesn’t sound promising on Sarri…


Game over lol! Just hope he doesn’t go to Chelsea now.


Final verdicts :

Champions: Juventus
Champions League: Napoli, Roma and Inter
Europa League: Lazio, Milan and Atalanta
Relegated: Crotone, Verona and Benevento


Serie A is dodgy as hell.

When it comes to halting Juve’s title challenge Inter crumble but you can get it done against Lazio to get to the CL.

Jammy league.


Still more interesting than the Premier League and Ligue 1 this season.


In a way sure, but it ends like it always does.

If Napoli can’t win it in that kind of season then it won’t happen for the foreseeable future.


I know, but there is still a battle compared with the other leagues.


That’s an absolutely devastating result for Lazio, bit of a shame also as I think they are a better team than inter.


The squads for Pirlo’s testimonial tonight :fire: :fire: :fire:


Looks like a bunch of Italians that could qualify for a world cup.