Sebastien Squillaci

Happy memories


The Squil. What a man

Remember when we said he looked like a right ugly hard bastard that would strike fear into the heart of Drogba? Hah


Just another CB to go on the unbelievably long list of inadequate CB’s that we’ve wasted money on.

Squllacci, Senderos, Sylvestre Stepanovs, Djourou, Cygan, Mustafi, Holding, Mari, and loads more.

We must have the worst record of any club, buying players for this position.


Even in his prime Wenger didn’t have the best record with signing defenders.

But despite that he still made some superb signings. But by this period the duds outweighed the good lol


Shit player. But better than Mari lol.

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Remember the time Squillaci accidentally head-butted Koscielny, leaving the latter dazed and concussed, leading directly to Fulham’s equaliser…

just me then.


This guy scored a lot of own goals

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He bloody wasn’t :joy:

A player Arteta would have loved.


Came in here to post this. I still remember the Squillaci thread at the time being full of pics of him looking ‘tough’. :joy:


We were so desperate for some kind of steel in our team at that period lol. We became known for being lightweight and mentally fragile so the fans wanted anyone with a hint of physicality or cunt about them


In hindsight it was dreadfully exaggerated. The team just lacked the winning mentality and Wenger didn’t go the extra mile to reinforce with the extra quality player we needed to get over the line.

That’s what sucks about seeing us blow shit loads of money now. During the later Wenger years we were often 1 or 2 players away from being champions in multiple seasons and it seemed that money was always thr primary issue.

For years we needed a decent DM and never signed one. I’m sure some on here will remember beig linked to Lorik Cana and the excitement at potentially signing another hard bastard who wasnt afraid to get stuck in.


We liked to say that we were 1-2 players away from the title in those years but in reality we were well off.