Sead Kolašinac (31)


Well on his way to being a cult hero amongst the Arsenal faithful.


This boy deserves a statue already .


Can’t wait for his inevitable red card against Chelsea


Don’t mate, just don’t.


This guy has two settings; kill or destroy.


He is such a tank :giroud2:. Love him so much!


A beautiful tank. Classinac. :ok_hand: I reckon he’ll surpass Ox’s goal tally by the end of the season.


He changed the game in the second half. Better not to drop him anymore.


Be surreal to do this 3 at the back with him and say, Aurier or someone, on the other side.




Probably best player on the pitch. Really happy we got him!


Signing him for free in an era of nobodies who can cost you £100m. He’s a gem.


Wearing a Schalke shirt underneath. Wind up merchant and I love him for it :sunglasses:


Not the most elegant player, but a badass who doesn’t back down from anybody and has a knack for making things happen in the final third. We need his qualities.


Kolasinac is a bad boy, I love it :smiling_imp:


Favorite part of the match was when Sead had the ball on the wing and a Koln player challeneged him…Sead just gave him a little shove and the Koln player flew lol. Love this guy.


As much as he’s hyped up as being this tank and all, he’s definitely been doing the business where it actually matters so far. That you have to applaud.


He strikes the ball like Podolski.



(Cred: @Castiel)


Nah nah, c’mon, there’s only one Lukas Podolski clone, and he goes by the name of Lukas Perezski.