Sead Kolašinac (31)


Player of the month! :fire:


He’s been one of the very few bright spots in this shower of shit.


He deserves it purely based on the fact that he wasn’t involved in the shitshow at Anfield!

But yeah, pretty slim pickings.


I’ll never understand why we played Bellerin at LWB and Ox at RWB when we knew that Ox was leaving and had 0 fucking obligation to play him and fucking benched the best left back in the Bundesliga to fucking appease them.

Just put Bellerin on the bench then instead of playing Bellerin out of position if giving Ox minutes was OH SO important.

Christ almight, mind blowing.


It was simply nothing more than poor management. Wenger’s judgment has been garbage for a long time, though we’re starting to see errors in every game now.


It just shows how pathetic Wenger has become.


Give it a year. That enthusiasm will be sucked out of him


I wonder if Chamberlain got a bonus because he played.
If he did he should give it back to the club.
We certainly need it more than he does.


Despite Wenger not playing him that much. Well-done!


Fucking shit tactics from Kroenke and Gazidis amirite?


Did we just give it to him because he was new and there was literally no one else. :joy::joy:

This club is such a shambles


There’s a vote on .com every month.


It pushes the price up, “look he’s not for sale, he’s playing in our first team and number 1 choice, we really don’t want to sell…40m you say? OK you twisted my arm”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 180k offer wasn’t even true and both us and Chamberlain’s agent used it to push up his stock/price




Both the offer or the agent making shit up are 100% believable strangely.


It’s amazing what happens when you play your left back in a position that actually suits him. He plays well.


So he played in his position and was a beast!


Great game from Sead. One of the best on the pitch today


We need a few more players like him.
Strong players, mentally and physically, like this in the team, who get the job done.


I like his ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. Stands out like a sore thumb amongst our weaklings.