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It’s clearly a conscious decision and a common tactic of Wengers to swap the wide players. Not a mistake or any kind of denial.


I’m guessing you’ve recovered from “we benched Alexis because Liverpool play long balls”?

Still haunts me :grin:


In midfield, yes. I’m not sure I remember Wenger “commonly” switching his full backs around. Cole/Clichy/Monreal etc switching positions with Lauren/Eboue/Sagna isn’t something I remember happening often.

Though recently my memory failed me totally with regards to Bellerin not coming straight back in and taking RWB back from Ox at the end of last season, so entirely feasible it’s failed me on an older issue l.


Quite right Jakey, wide forwards only as far as I know. Wingbacks certainly capture that role for us though


Yeah but has that ever worked for us? Conte rediscovered Victor Moses last year. When was the last time Wenger rediscovered someone by playing him out of position. And I think he has done that more than most managers in the business. Wenger used to regularly play Ramsey, Wilshere, Fabregas, Diaby, Denilson etc. on the wings. Were any of them better because of that?

Does the fact that he is consciously applying such tactics mean that his tactics are good? Do you have to always make unconscious mistakes in order for them to be mistakes?

If he had proper players (+ backups) for each position on the pitch, maybe he wouldn’t have to revert to using Oxlade on the left because “he can play there”.


It has nothing to really do with discovering someone by playing them out of position. Despite that being something Wenger has successfully done plenty of times, Ox is a great example of why tinkering works.

However it’s more about contributing to development, and allowing for less rigid plays.


Examples? How exactly has tinkering with Oxlade worked exactly?

Maybe, if you are a selling club in the business of developing players. Last time I checked, Wenger claimed we are aiming to win titles. Top clubs win titles by playing top players in their best positions.


We’ve got sufficient cover at left back, we just signed this fucking guy. He’s clearly a bit cavalier, in a good way, so play him at left back and play Per, Holding or Chambers at CB. Playing two predominantly left backs in a back three is just stupid. It’s not even bloody necessary to play Bellerin or Ox there, just pick either one of those two on the right and play someone who belongs on the left on the left. It’s just unnecessary fucking about from Wenger.


Lads dont believe this crap.

Hes playing Ox to get him to sign.

Hes playing Hector just incase Ox leaves (match fitness etc)


Can you really not identify what I am referring to RE: Ox?


Honestly I don’t but I am sick so it might be me. I am not just picking on you.


When you play a left back at left back…


god for the size that guy is he moves so fucking quick…that would scare the fuck out of me someone his size rampaging towards me!


But Wenger would teach him to pass :hipster:


We should like, play this guy or something.


Imagine playing him at LB, his position, where he won Bundesliga LB of the year, as opposed to CB, where he’s never really played before.


Far too mainstream. Wenger is the original hipster.


From what I’ve read he’s played on the left of a back 5 and dosent have much experience of a back 4 is that true?


I don’t know for sure but that would be weird to me a “back 5” is the same thing as 3 at the back to me.


That’s his problem. He is a poor’s man Guardiola.