Sead Kolašinac (31)


Would love to see his heat map, he might be the most attacking centre back I’ve ever seen. :open_mouth: Think I prefer him on the left tho


Thanks for the FPL points


Yes. He does a great job of that. I was also pleasantly surprised with his footwork. Looks like a terrific under the radar signing at this point.

Curious to see him go against the orcs from Stoke next weekend.


The assist and bonus point is why I was tempted to put him in, the three goals we conceded is why I didn’t lol. He’s definitely getting signed when we have some CBs available to solidify things a bit


MOTM for me. Irish Brian was on one tonight mouthing off about him being rubbish…bizarre.


Irish Brian is back? or Spanish brian?


The man himself.


Fucking hell. Bet that was fun to sit through. :joy:


His timing is fucking hilarious. Shows up precisely when shit hits the fan. Never to be seen at any other moment. What a legend.


wait who is irish brian?


We’ll see what happens when we’ve got more CB’s available but I feel like Wenger is doing that thing again where he’s just trying to fit players he likes into the lineup.

on playing Hector Bellerin on the left…
He can play there, I play him or Chamberlain there, and Chamberlin on the right looks good as well. Both of them are more right-sided players, I agree, and depending on the game I choose sometimes right and sometimes left.



He looks crap on the right. Doubt he would look better on the left. Wenger has just gone senile.


Not when he is playing CB :arteta:



Can’t wait to see him as LWB. He is wasted as CB, imo.


Translation from Wengarish to English

I am unprepared and have no one else to play there but I’d rather spin it all instead of admit to my mistakes.


Strange that wasn’t the problem at stoke; so I think you translation is a bit off.


Painful to read such a pathetic rationalisation from a once great manager. The man has all the tools at his disposal and he’s just wasting it.


Are we reading the same thing?

What is said and what I got and what you got seems so off.

Wait just at wenger



I feel like this must be a question you and a select few others ask yourselves pretty often.