Sead Kolašinac (31)


“Come at me bro.” :giroud3:


Draxler is so totally in love with SeoKol


Well, get him :hipster:. No chance for him with Neymar.


Real deal


This guy could very well be the latest cult hero.


so badly wanna see what he does to the limp wristed ‘act hard’ wankers down the lane…yes deli alli you wankstain i think he should start with you!


His celebration was wanking off two imaginary people and then a jizz explosion. I liked that.


Love this guy already. He’s powerful and pretty quick for a guy of his size – It was great seeing him run down the wing at full pelt. Can’t wait to see him up against some of the annoying little twerps in the PL.

Definitely the bargain of the summer.


I think he’s going to be a nightmare for a lot of RW and RB this season. He is so strong and quick, no-one’s pushing him off the ball and he’ll be pushing plenty of people off the ball. Can’t wait to see him in action!


Just don’t convert him in a passing pussy :mustafi:


Your not an Arsenal full back unless some bobbins winger for a bottom half team absolutely wrecks your life away from home. Wonder who it’ll be this year.




Love it! :smiley:


SeoKol. :giroud3:


I don’t remember him being this good for Schalke.


Was fucking great, the 3’point turn at the end and then charging up the pitch was lovely stuff


His closing down work when the opposition has the bell is super impressive.


really love the look of this guy already, so strong and just wins his tackles so easy, kind of quick and has a few skills as well, it’s nice having a big ugly tank like him in our team, such a great free agent


Yeah was a great performance, took it in his stride and looked like he’s been playing here for years.

Will be an absolute nightmare for opposition players.