Sead Kolašinac (31)

Noooo, please don’t buy him.
He is one of few worldclass players we have

“Ok…ok we’ll give you £15m”

If you rearrange the words and punctuation on this slightly, it becomes a very good advert.

Just lost Kolarov to Inter?
Need another hard-as-nails Eastern European nutcase to replace him?
£10m and he’s yours!
What a bargain!
Come on Roma!!


They want him + he wants to return to Germany too. Think this deal is very very likely. Here we go! :grin:

Leverkusen are loaded with cash after the Havertz sale.

We have to be able to negotiate a permanent transfer fee, surely.


I feel like Kola should be pretty desirable to a few clubs, he had a great spell in Germany and he’s not been awful here, it’s more he just doesn’t suit our style. His wages are obviously inflated but we should be able to sell him for 10mil or so if our negotiating team have anything about them.


Won’t be so simple selling him for a decent fee because no team is going to pay him what we are.

Considering this wouldn’t be surprised to see a banter fee.


He’ll have to take a wage drop regardless though, surely he knows we won’t renew at 140k a week. I don’t think he’s on high enough wages that we’d have to let him go for nothing.

Yeah he probably will have to take a wage drop but he won’t that coming out of his own pocket will he? So either we lower the fee or pay him off.

I’d like to see him gone regardless mind.

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You’re talking as though he’s on Ozil type money though, at 140k a week, yes it’s inflated as I said earlier but it’s also not that crazy that we shouldn’t be looking to make some money on him.

We can’t keep giving away players for nothing. He’s probably a 15million pound player, sell him to the Germans at 10m and let them sort out wages and sign on fees.

I’ve seen everything from 100-140K reported as Kolasinac’s wages so not sure what he is on exactly.

I think the key thing is probably the buying club extending his contract. He might agree to take a small wage cut if he gets the security of a new 4-5 year deal rather than the two years left on his current deal.

My guess is that the fee ends up being between 5-10m euro. Even with a small wage cut, 100k or so is top of the scale for most German clubs so it just won’t make sense for them to sign a player like Kola to the high end of their wage scale unless the fee is pretty low.

I would sell for that fee without a second thought though.

Just getting him off the wage bill would mean we could sign a decent player.

Who thought it was ok to make Kolisinac one of our highest paid players?
I can’t imagine he would have been on anything close to that when he was playing for Shalke.

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That’s the caveat with free agents.

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Most other “big clubs” have relatively young players as back up full backs who aren’t on biggish wages. Quite rich of us to have a back up LB on 140k a week, especially for a club who haven’t been doing as well as we’d like to recently. Think the plan forward should be to not give big wages to squad players, which is quite obvious, but sth our club needs to learn to do in the future.
As for now, we have Tierney, Saka and AMN who can all play there. Which is a pretty decent set of options and are all young. If all stay, we should be covered in the LB department for the next 5 years at least.


Yeah so now they can go out and actually buy a good Left Back.


Great effort trying to close down that cross just before half time, isn’t it nice when you lose quality like Tierney have you have top notch back ups like this to come in ?


Harsh imo, it was almost 2v1 at that point. That goal was an organisational fail, and tbh just deserved from West ham.

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It was organisational agreed, I still think his effort was poor.

Also agree 1-1 is a fair scoreline.

I just don’t rate this guy period though, he’s an awful defender and his crossing his hit and miss, when he tries to get forward.

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Why does Arteta think this guy can play LCB ffs

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Oh yeah totally agreed. But harsh to blame him for the goal imo.

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