Sead Kolašinac (31)

he was also the only player in the squad bar auba-laca who could get past his man occasion :joy:

I agree he is not high on my list either, I like him. good mentality. could be better defensive one on one but he’s modern in the way he plays at least.

will be good to have Bellerin back next season, he could also at least get past his guy now and then, two fullbacks like that will help us I’m sure.


He had some good games last year. Even if a fair offer came in, I would be surprised if the club let him go tbh.


He’s pretty much useless from a defensive perspective.
I said a while ago, either get him to go full on LW or get the f out.

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His strengths is his strength. The way he moves down the left wing is impressive at times but it’s what he does after, that is problematic.

So much of our play is focused on the wide positions and creating overloads there and so the attack gravitates to Kolasinac. We saw in the final how he was constantly standing in arces, but when your difference maker is probably the weakest player in possession, then you’re making your own problems to a certain extent. His technical limitations stand out like a sore thumb.

Put Trent Alexander-Arnold and Lucas Digne in this Arsenal side…the difference they’d make in terms of attacking play…Emery’s base template may actually work.

And of course, Kolasinac can’t defend either.

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A fairly standard trait of Arsenal wide players / wing backs in recent times tho, we haven’t really found anyone yet who can strike the right balance between attack and defence


Where you been tonight lads? How many drinks you had.

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haha I found that well funny…actually I didn’t


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cocky English :xhaka:


@Calum I liked yours so you should like mine back

No you beg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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my love for you has dropped a little bit

Arsenal to stick with Kola/Monreal for another season.
Miss single leg Gibbs.

As long as Kola is here the nightmare of 5 atb will keep on living. Please, please sell him.

Emery has changed it up reasonably often tbh. The disjointed perfomances never really went away no matter the formation throughout the season. I don’t think five at the back is actually the problem.


Well, it’s been a painful formation to watch since Wenger started going for it. What’s weirder is that we’re worse defensively when we use it.


Yet we won an FA Cup and beat several top teams using it. What’s so great about 4-3-3?


I agree.

I don’t have an issue with 5 at the back. But personally I do have an issue with the variations. I don’t like any of this catering and altering our tactics basis who we are facing (to an extent anyway).

We need an identity in the way we play so we can get our defence and midfield remembering how to function as a basic unit.

We’re better defensively. When Wenger deployed the 353/343 it pretty much served the purpose of reinforcing the middle of the park. It reduced the space between our players during our build-up allowing for better and more varied combinations. It’s one of the reasons Arsene dropped caring about having a DM even. In our last season with Arsene we used to create shitloads of chances, failing to convert them and nearly conceding every time we had to defend. When it was done well it was good but it develops bad habits. The trio at the back are left forgotten as the wide players or wing backs tend to get more forward driven. In our case, Kolasinac has completely stopped caring about defending and AMN at his age is embracing the chance to play further up by focusing on his attacking play.

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We’ve also won FA Cups and beaten top teams playing four at the back. What’s your point?