Sead Kolašinac (31)


If anything, today his issue was the pullback attempt to Laca when I thought it seemed like he was well through on goal.

Although his positioning to stay onside was frustrating as hell, struggling to build a case to point a finger his way. If we were going to scrape something today I only envisaged it coming via him and Iwobi’s end.


Yeah should’ve played the percentages and shot instead of cut it back.


:joy: Pedro forgot his name after this


I think i genuinely would poop a little bit if i saw Kolasinac running towards me full pelt.


I think Kola showed today that he can be a left back in a back four, and that’s really encouraging because Monreal is on the downward slope and we simply have to play four at the back imo.


Man was he terrible defensively yesterday. Definitely unreliable as a LB unless someone covers for him.
Started having doubts that he even cares about defending rather than he is just poor at it. Would prefer if Torreira shifts to his side as Guendouzi is more of an #8.


Yeah he had a few brain farts defensively, but again was smashing (…) going forwards. If we can sort the defensive side out we have a very competent modern full back in him and the type of football we play needs quality from the wide players. But again, we need to reduce the mistakes at the back.


I like him, think what he lacks at the back he cN make for up top.

Sometimes I feel (or from the angle I see it at from a TV screen) he lacks the confidence to have a go at goal himself when he has the ball at the edge of the 8 yard box. Yesterday and against West Ham last week he was in identical positions and opted to cut back into a box full of defenders with no obvious target where I felt he’d have done better if he had just had a pop himself.


Has all the enthusiasm in the world but talk of instilling defensive qualities isnt going to happen at 25.
He can be strong in the tackle and has a bit of pace, but he doesnt have a footballing brain. He goes on instinct round the box and you just have to hope it pays off every time he is anywhere up there.


Kola is a little bit like Bellerin isn’t he? Dynamite going forward (in fact he’s a better passer than Bellerin imo) but a liability defensively.


I’d probably favour Bellerin defensively over Kola. And I think Kola’s depressing passing statistics tell me that Bellerin is a better passer of the ball than him too.


Can Kola play RB? I thought he was LB


Basically he cant play fullback.


A player we should sell if a decent offer comes in unlikely with is wages though. Europa League player in every sense


Kolasinac’s wages is offset by the fact that he was a free agent.
You pay 10m for a replacement and pay him 80k wages, it’s about the same.


Put it this way, a LB is in my top 3 priorities for a summer transfer wishlist.


Correct financially I agree, but under that system it doesn’t leave you as hamstrung under financial fair play.


FFP is the biggest load of shit UEFA ever put together.


Sigh yes I forgot.
It’s FA rule right, not FFP?


Actually yeah my bad I think it is the FA rule.